Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Store in Focus: Cant Sleep Club Clothing

It's been a while since my last Store in Focus, so it makes sense that I'm quite excited to introduce Cant Sleep Club Clothing to you today. :)

Can't Sleep Club (or CSC, for short) is based on the realization that our most profound thoughts always come out at night. You know those nights where you just can't sleep coz you're thinking of so many different things? Yeah, welcome to the Can't Sleep Club aka my every-night life. :p

Like the brand Can't Sleep Club, over-thinking at night doesn't have to be a bad thing. Can't Sleep Club turns that negative energy into something relatable - something that reminds us to keep moving forward and never to look back. After all, this is the only way life gets better, right?

With shirt reminders saying "Keep Your Drama Down", "Stay Positive", "I Need Coffee" (so me!!! :p), and "See the World", among many others; Can't Sleep Club Clothing is all about spreading the GV (good vibes for the oldies who don't know how to abbreev yet).

The best part is that they are all very comfortable and can go with practically anything - perfect for those days when you wanna go for a laid-back look or give more oomph to your usual t-shirt and jeans combo, or even for working out or sleeping!

All of the photos printed on Can't Sleep Club Clothing are also 100% original, so you aren't just buying clothes; you're buying art.

Check out Can't Sleep Club Clothing's online store and their website today. You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter! :)


  1. tinignan ko yung shop nila, grabe ang daming magagandang shirts ♥

    Michael Macalos

  2. First time I am hearing of this clothing company. Sounds interesting.

  3. awwwww... cute couple shirts!

    xx Krisella

  4. Nice shirts.
    I like Bella store for shirts quality.