Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ABSOLUT Elyx Unveiled

Last May, the ABSOLUT Company launched its newest vodka, ABSOLUT Elyx, through an invite-only event, where everybody dressed in their absolute best to welcome a new brand of vodka into our arms. I was lucky enough to be invited, thanks to the beautiful JM Conopio, and I brought Vergil Chua as my date for the night.

I wish I had one of these pillows... I know someone who does. ;p

Elyx is actually taken from the word "elixir", which means "magic formula". Well, that night, ABSOLUT definitely showed us that they know the magic formula to throwing a high-end yet rocking party.

ABSOLUT Elyx was unveiled at the country's leading night entertainment destination, REPUBLIQ Club in Resorts World Manila.

I thought it was a real treat to be welcomed into the club by the Manila Symphony Orchestra performing alongside DJ Brian Cua. How many times does that happen in a lifetime? Seriously.

They even had a mash-up of Rihanna and The Verve. Heaven in my ears, I'm telling you!

As their guests for the night, we were privileged and lucky enough to enjoy a taste of true craftsmanship as ABSOLUT once again established itself as the perfect choice for a luxurious and smooth (not to mention strong!) vodka experience.

Here are some of the delicious concoctions that were available that night:

ABSOLUT Elyx Grapefruit Collins
(with Ruby grapefruit juice, sugar syrup and soda water)

ABSOLUT Elyx Passionate Elixir
(with passion fruit juice, sugar syrup and champagne top)

And, of course, ABSOLUT Elyx on the rocks...

...which was incredibly strong, I must say. I used to be an alcoholic a party girl back in my college days (and I'm talking drinking out of the bottle and finishing two bottles of vodka on my own kind of alcoholic party girl), but now that those days are behind me, I just can't drink vodka on the rocks anymore.

ABSOLUT Elyx generally boasts of a pure and distinct taste, though, which true vodka lovers are sure to enjoy. As for me, I wouldn't mind having more of those delicious concoctions that they served us that night. Did I mention that we had a whole bottle to ourselves? Ahhh. If only I could rewind time and go back to that night. :p

Have you tried ABSOLUT Elyx yet? Whether you have or not, make sure to drink with ABSOLUT Responsibility. ;)


  1. Rovie and I totally messed up by missing the party :P But at least we got to experience the drinks even a little bit. See you again soon :D

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. ohh my. absolut vodka can bring out the worst in me! HAHAHA!

    btw, there's an ongoing giveaway on my blog hope you can check it out :) http://dressmeupbuttercup.tumblr.com/post/27474642646/buttercup-accessories-giveaway