Sunday, July 29, 2012

Folded and Hung x Timbre Headphones Shoot

What's not to love about Folded and Hung?

You all know that I have loved this brand even before I started blogging and that I love it even more now because one of my good friends, Miko Carreon, is currently one of their brand ambassadors; so, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that we decided to raid their racks for some awesome clothing to showcase our individual musical genre styles for our Timbre Headphones photo shoot. Here's what we came up with:

You can see more photos of my rocker chick look here.

Make sure you visit Jacob Gayanelo's blog or watch his YouTube videos (he sings!). Also, watch out for the latest McDonald's TV commercial coz he's in it (he's the one with the glasses!)

If you think this guy is hot (and you're right: he is!), then enjoy an overload of Toff Tiozon by following him on Instagram: tofftiozon

Raiza Poquiz isn't just pretty, she blogs, too. And she sells accessories. You can meet her at the Tumblr fair on August 4! :) I'll be there, too! Not selling. Just stalking the Tumblr peeps. :p

And, as mentioned earlier, here's baby boy Miko Carreon, doing what he does best: dancing and posing. At the same time. Read more about his life and his style on his blog or on Folded and Hung's website.

And since shoots wouldn't be complete without group shots... Enjoy! :p

Well, don't we all just look sexy? :p

Do you love Folded and Hung as much as I do? Don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)


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