Thursday, July 19, 2012 Look: It's Not Over Tonight

Being an ambassador's daughter for most of my life, I had to dress up for a lot of formal events. I also had to act, talk, walk and eat like a prim and proper lady. So, when we moved to Manila, I was more than glad to finally act, talk, walk and eat - not to mention slouch - like no one was watching me. I was also more than glad to lose weight (I used to weigh 68 kilos or so!) and throw out all of my XXXL evening gowns and dresses.

Unfortunately, this meant that I had nothing to wear when I got invited to the ABSOLUT Elyx launch, which stated that ladies had to wear evening dresses. Thank God for online shops like Thread Manila, though, I was able to find something pretty enough to pass off as an "evening dress" at the last minute.

dress from Thread Manila
heel-less Kylie G heels from SM Parisian 

studded headband from Bangkok

gold necklace from House of Luxe

All photos taken by my date Vergil Chua. Thanks, Verge! :)

What do you think? "Evening dress" enough? :)