Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kasha - Your Newest Online Shopping Destination!

This just in! There's a new online shopping destination in town and it holds your favorite local brands (Freeway, Solo and Ensembles) in it. Say hello to Kasha!

Kasha was coined from the Tagalog word kasya, which literally means "fit:. Let's face it: the biggest problem with online shopping is that the clothes that you buy sometimes simply do not fit. Well, getting the right fit for you is a breeze with Kasha, the only website online that promises to ensure that any item that you buy from them will fit you to a tee.

How? Well, every piece of clothing at Kasha has a Fit Guide to ensure that you get the right measurements - something that other online retailers don't have. This ensures convenient, simple, safe and regret-free shopping at all times.

Plus, you can get free return shipping for a change in size, if the clothing doesn't fit you in the end anyway.

That's not the end of it, either. The best part is: as a welcome treat to early bird shoppers, Kasha is having a Grand Opening Sale of 20% off on all items until July 15! 

That means you've got about a week left to score your favorite finds from Freeway, Solo and Ensembles at 20% off. Have you seen the Freeway x Levi Celerio collection yet, by the way? They've got some great items there that I am currently eyeing myself.

I hope you have fun shopping! I know I will! :D

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