Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lactum 100% Panatag World - Do You Want to Become a Panatag Mommy?

I can't speak Tagalog properly to save my life.

Fortunately, I have awesome friends like Marvin Ong and Paul Chuapoco who gladly translate things for me when I need them to without any complaints or rolling of their eyes. Love you guys for that! :p

"Panatag" apparently means "tranquil" or "peaceful" - one word that I would never associate with motherhood. At least not the kind of motherhood that I'm used to. So, when Lactum used this word for their mall events, I became very intrigued. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a panatag mommy!

The Lactum 100% Panatag World event that I attended was at SM Megamall and they offered a lot of tips, techniques and tools that could help mommies like me become 100% panatag in terms of children's nutrition and health.

Step 1: Blow up a kiddie pool.
Step 2: Fill it up with balls.
Step 3: Throw Put child in pool.
Step 4: Enjoy some me-time while they enjoy their pool-time. :p

Lactum 100% Panatag World also offered a lot of tips on healthy eating for kids and showed that they can provide 100% nourishment when kids drink it with 3 balanced meals every day.

There were also stations where you could check out the merch and try out the merch. Made me wish I had Syrena with me.

I also made a new friend who asked me to take her outfit shot for my blog. Meet Betty the Banana. :p

Of course, mommy bloggers have to eat, too. I found this boxed meal set from Intercontinental Manila extremely ingenious!

All the food groups in one box! I wish they had added water to the box instead of Coke, though... Or Lactum! :p

After roaming around and filling my belly, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo gave us tips on how to encourage our kids to eat their veggies. My favorite tip of hers? "Smother everything with cheese. They will eat it." Well, it's been tried and tested now. Syrena now happily eats her veggies, as long as she gets to dip them in random sauces. :}

However, even if your kids remain picky and end up missing out on important nutrients because of it, Lactum can still help nourish them with the new Lactum 3+ and 6+ with Appetite Support Nutrients. These products happen to be a high source of zinc, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and thiamin to ensure that kids get  all of the nutrients that they need on a daily basis. Can you say awesomesauce?

Sadly, Syrena is just 2, so she can't start drinking this new Lactum yet. That means I have 6 months and 12 days to go before I can try becoming a panatag mommy myself. (I can only wish that I look as slim and as pretty as Judy Ann when the time comes!)

Are you a mom of a 6+ year old and want to become a panatag mommy, too? Then let me know in the comments section that you are and I will give you 2 boxes of the New Lactum 6+ - just coz! :)

Conversely, you can go to Waltermart North Edsa today or tomorrow and check out the Lactum 100% Panatag World yourself! :)

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  1. I want to become a panatag mommy too.i want to provide 100% nourishment to my son by the help of the New Lactum 6+. please :)

  2. I would like to ensure that my son will get all of the nutrients that they need on a daily basis and with the help of the new Lactum 6+,I can be "panatag" that my son will surely get "kumpletong nutrisyon" :)

  3. wow nvr heard of this, but pretty cool