Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Last Friday night, I was able to watch the Spider-Man premiere at Power Plant Mall, thanks to Nuffnang and Energizer. To say I was absolutely ecstatic would be an understatement coz, hey, I love Spider-Man! What's not to love?

Unfortunately, I was never a humongous fan of the Tobey Maguire trilogy. Why? Because Tobey Maguire never really fit the role of Spider-Man in my eyes. I remember the first time I heard the news, I ran to my dad and complained for a good three hours or so. And then I found out Kirsten Dunst was cast as Mary Jane Watson and I complained for another good three hours or so.

And let's face it: I love James Franco and all, but he sucked as Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin. And Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom?!?? Did the movie makers forget what Eddie Brock looked like in the comics?!?? I must have complained for three days when news of that came out.

The original Eddie Brock - just FYI.

Okay, I didn't hate the trilogy that much. After all, the movies were entertaining and if I actually watched TV and they came on HBO, I'd prolly watch them. Also, I'll give them this: their Spidey-MJ first kiss was EPIC. And it will always be one of the best Hollywood kisses out there. For me, anyway.

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However, there are various reasons as to why this re-boot of Spider-Man is a gazillion times better than the original:

1. The cast is flawless.

To me, the cast of a movie can either make or break it. Well, the cast definitely made this one.

I've actually seen every single Andrew Garfield movie that matters and I fell in love with him in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" (I'm a sucker for English accents, okay!). And, although I usually hate it when actors lose their accents, I wasn't that bothered this time around. He is the perfect Spider-Man. And Emma Stone is the perfect Gwen Stacy.

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Rhys Ifans did The Lizard justice, too. Plus, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) directed it and did an amazing job, to boot.

2. The girl falling for Peter Parker is believable.

Tobey Maguire portrayed a total nerd. Andrew Garfield portrayed a geek. An awkward yet unbelievably cute one. That skates. The chances of Andrew's Peter Parker getting Gwen in real life? Believable. The chances of Tobey's Peter Parker getting MJ in real life? Not so much. Which is prolly why they made MJ fall for Spidey before she fell for Peter. I hated that about the first movie.

3. Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man is the bomb.

I really can't describe it. You have to watch the movie to see it. I also love that Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is so much darker than Tobey Maguire's Spiderman.

4. The changes from the comics are forgivable.

In the comic books, George Stacy supports Spider-Man all the way and knows his true identity. Gwen hates Spider-Man with a passion and blames him for her father's death and never finds out that Peter is Spidey.

Although this storyline is epic, they already used it in the former trilogy, wherein Harry hates Spidey and blames him for his father's death. So, although I would normally hate changes like these and bitch about them for hours on end, I forgive them for it.

Besides, they made up for it by having Peter Parker create his own web slings (like in the original comics!!!) rather than have them pop out by doing weird hand gestures (which doesn't actually happen until much later on).

5. SPOILER! Highlight to read: He chooses the girl.

This is prolly the most important part for me. Another thing that I absolutely hated about the original Spider-Man trilogy was the fact that Peter Parker was such a pussy and never chose to be with MJ. I was sooo worried they'd do the same in this one, but I'm so glad that they didn't. :) Andrew Garfield as Spidey FTW!!!

Now, although "The Amazing Spider-Man" was the best Spider-Man movie so far - bar none - I'd still only give it 3.5 popcorns out of 5, though. It may have been amazing in terms of Spider-Man movies, but it wasn't exactly amazing in terms of superhero movies.

So, Batman, you've got nothing to worry about. Something tells me you're still the one I'll be talking about for days on end. You'd better be. My blog is named after your next movie, after all.


  1. This Spiderman movie is like a teenage movie. Kilig-kilig scenes talaga. Hubby complained about it a lot but for me it's a so-so.

  2. Andrew Garfield alone makes this movie a million times better. He is scorching hot!!!

  3. Hope I can be able to watch this on Friday. =)

  4. I've heard lots of good reviews about this movie. I'm so excited to see it soon! :)))

  5. I agree with you, I love the casts in the Spiderman today. drooling over Andrew Garfield's hipster peg. Emma Stone is such a sweetheart! :)

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  6. i actually like the amazing spider-man too more than the tobey maguire ones! great review!! :)

    Dress Me Up Buttercup

  7. This is actually true dear. I just watched the movie a while ago. And I keep on noticing that there has been a lot of changes. But the movie is good so far. =)

  8. Oh! I love your review! I love love this too. :)

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  10. I love your review! And I love you :*