Friday, July 27, 2012 Look: Smash It

A lot of people say I'm perpetually angry. Well, I blame all of the men who have stomped on my heart and all of the women who have stabbed me in the back for this perpetual anger. I'd like to think it's part of my "charm", though. :p Is it not?

Anyway, I guess this perpetual anger is partly also because I grew up listening to rock. I remember blasting KoRn on the CD player everyday since I was just 9 and my grandma lecturing me on why I should stop listening to Sugar Ray's album "Floored" because it was the work of the devil.

So, when we had our Timbre shoot, I knew exactly which musical genre to channel right away. Say hello to me in rocker chick garb! .\m/

black headphones from Timbre
black boots from CeCe
black jacket from Folded and Hung
black mullet dress from Folded and Hung

black rosary necklace (gift)
black thick studded cuff bracelet from House of Luxe
black thin studded cuff bracelet from Copper

I'm such a cool kid, I know. :p

The good news is that I'm not perpetually angry as of late coz I've got a crush! :D I don't have any better way to describe it, but to say that I've got a high school kinda crush. Butterflies. Babaw kilig moments. The works. :)

Yes, yes. I know you all know who I'm talking about since I get this stupid grin on my face whenever he's around or whenever his name is mentioned, but whatever. LEAVE ME ALONEEE! :p