Monday, July 9, 2012

Timbre: The Color of Music

Headphones are an absolute must-have for any music junkie. Well, I am a music junkie. And let me tell you something: earphones and headphones are completely different things in terms of experiencing music.

Not only do headphones give you a fuller experience when you listen to your favorite songs; but they are also a much better help at zoning things out as you work out, commute, relax, try to fall asleep, or try to ignore your parents.

On my endless search for the perfect headphones - and although I have come across Star Wars and comic book inspired ones and have even been given expensive ones and fluffy ones in the past - I have never come across ones that I absolutely loved. This is mostly because I have humongous Dumbo-like ears, so headphones usually hurt after about 15 minutes.

And then I met Timbre.

Pronounced tam-ber, Timbre is the ultimate gift to mankind when it comes to providing comfort and style to music aficionados.

Whether you love rock music like me...

Or love being serenaded by crooners like Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and my good friend Jacob Gayanelo...

Whether you love to listen to music while dancing your life away like Miko Carreon...

Or love soothing sounds (maybe by some of the crooners mentioned above? :p) like Raiza Poquiz...

Or even if you just love music, in general, like Toff Tiozon...

Timbre would be the perfect choice for you!

Other reasons why you should support Timbre:

- Timbre is a Filipino brand with a Filipino design by Team Manila, one of the best graphic design studios in the country. Plus, it is the first and only Filipino brand headphones in the world!

- They come in two basic colors: black and white, which means that they will go with practically anything that you plan on wearing.

- They are foldable and, therefore, incredibly easy to carry around. You can even detach the wire from the headphones. Seriously.

- They are very affordable. Taking its comfort, design and quality into consideration, their price tag of Php2,499 is definitely worth it.

For more information, feel free to visit Timbre's official website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or follow them on Tumblr. Join the Timbre bandwagon today! :)


  1. wow! a hot rocking chick you are! love it! and really cool looking headset there.. :)


  2. great headphones<3

  3. Nice post!
    come by and lets follow each other if you love to do!

  4. These are really cool headphones! Love the photos too.

  5. I've never heard of these before. I'm not a huge music lover but I think of headphones as a sign that you are!

  6. wow pinoy made??? AWESOME! thanks for sharing :)


  7. hmm interesting.. the white one is nice!