Monday, May 6, 2013

Disturbance in the Force.

My original plan was to post something that would break the monotony of my recent girly outfits with something more... "me". But it seems that THERE IS A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE coz I couldn't find anything "me" to post!!!

I have also started to gain an inexplicable affinity (some would even call it an obsession) for chick flicks, Ryan Gosling's abs, makeup and *insert huge gasp here* ...the color pink!!!

What is happening to me? Am I finally gaining those X chromosomes that were clearly missing from my body since the day I was born? Is my subconscious self trying to prove something? Am I trying to make up for lost time? Or am I finally embracing the girly side of me that has been longing to come out since the breakup with he-who-must-not-be-named?

Either way, I hope you're not getting sick of the girliness that has infiltrated my otherwise geek-rock blog. Coz here comes another girly outfit post!

The following photos were taken by Gerd on one of our Alabang Town Center dates. ATC has clearly turned into one of my favorite places yet again. #highschoolmemories

I know the look is simple, but we were chilling in the South. And in the South, one must do as the Southerners do: dress down.

purple hair from Young Wild Free

In case you haven't noticed, my hair has a hint of purple in these photos. That's no Photoshop trick. I actually just decided to try out my new hair chalk from Young Wild Free. I only spent a few minutes on it, though - just to see if it would work. And, as you can see, it does! :D I love it to bits and can't wait to chalk the shit out of my hair in the months to come!

silver hoop earrings from Manels

pink top from Bayo
blue skater skirt from Copper

floral heels from Rajo x SM Parisian

Since I'm on a girly spree now, this pair is slowly becoming one of my favorite ones to use nowadays. I love that I can wear them all day without my feet hurting since the heels are thick and the fabric is soft. Plus, they really grab people's attention! :)

Of course, I can't end this post without some sort of silliness. So, there you have it: proof that I am still wacky, silly and goofy despite the slight change of clothing. :p

And trust me: I still sit, talk, slouch and swear like a dude. Unfortunately.


  1. Your girliness looks lovely! xoxo.

  2. Amazing pictures hun, at first I was like, wow I love the color of the skirt and then...I saw the shoes, pure amazingnessss <3

  3. Oh! Saw the hair chalk post. Nice! How is it though when you sweat? I hope it doesnt bleed!