Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Couple Shots: We're All a Little Broken.

I haven't talked about it on my blog, but Gerd and I went through a rough patch not too long ago. You might not have noticed it if you don't know us personally... though you might have if we're friends on Facebook or Twitter... but it was pretty bad for a while.

Fortunately, with God's guidance and with the utmost understanding and patience from our best friends, we were able to get over the sitch and are slowly moving towards pleasantville yet again. :)

How did we get over the sitch? Well, what I realized is that we're all a little broken and twisted. We're all imperfect. We all make mistakes. We all say things that we don't mean when we're angry.

It's all about forgiveness and understanding and how much you care about a person in the end - how much you are willing to forgive, how much you are willing to try to make things work, how much you are willing to fix things and glue them back together.

Of course, I also believe that there are limits. While a person may make mistakes, I have learned not to forgive the same mistake over and over again. So far, Gerd has stayed true to his word, though, and the best part is that I was finally able to get him to watch Star Wars. I don't even care if he did it to please me. He did it. And that's all that matters. :p

Lil Miss Mababaw

P.S. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Gina Carano and Sarah Jessica Parker are all in Manila right now. Keep your eyes peeled! :)


  1. This made me teary, tbh..
    Mesa lovesa the Lil Miss Mababaw, okieday? :)))

    I love you.

    Gerd Perez

  2. Great post glad things are good now. BTW you both look awesome.

  3. Glad to know you guys patched things up. All couples go though that tough time, and it will make you more "matured" as a person and as a couple. :) Sweet ng comment ni Gerd. :D Hope you guys are doing well now.