Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Can't Please Everyone.

Isn't it sad how nothing seems to be good enough for other people? I had been working my butt off trying to lose weight last month and was quite happy with the results when, out of nowhere, someone told me... that I should start dieting!!! *cue horror music*

Granted, the comment came from someone I had literally just met that day, but it was still harsh and it really cut through me at the time. So much so that I actually quit working out altogether. Don't get me wrong. I'll be going back to barre3 very soon, but for a couple of weeks, all I found myself thinking was, "What's the point in working out at all?"

Anyway, before I continue, I went to the launch of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 a few days ago and here's what I wore.

Photos by Gerd Perez.

straw hat from Outlet Store

If you have never visited Outlet Store before, then you should definitely check it out. They've got some great items for cheap, plus frequent sales that you can take full advantage of on a regular basis!

gold cuff from Crave More
man with a mustache connector ring from Seraphim

Don't you just love my man with a mustache connector ring? Nothing screams "Like a Boss" in that cute of a manner!

dress from Topshop
belt from Bangkok

Got this dress from fellow blogger Megann! Fashion bloggers are prolly my favorite people to shop from coz you know they're fashown and a lot of the time, their items are hardly used!

snake print sneaker wedges from Kicks

Got these sneaker wedges from fellow blogger Ava, too! Haha. Went on a blogger shopping spree. Makes me all the more excited for the Tumblr fair happening this May 11-12 and Bloggers United 5, happening in June! :D

Anyway, back to my story... A couple of weeks have already gone by since that incident and it has finally hit me. I shouldn't be letting the words of a stranger hurt me so much. That person doesn't know me. Why should I care what they think? All I gotta do is keep at it, be confident, stay positive and not give a shit.

Those are prolly the best mantras to have in life, in general. Especially the last one. ;)


  1. You look good! :)

    Love that connector ring!

  2. Yeah! You can't please everyone. Baka siguro medyo malabo na yung mata ng nagsabi saiyo pero kung ako ang tatanungin mo ang laki ng improvement sa pag wo-work out mo Angel! and based din sa mga outfit posts mo dati, you look slim and healthy girl! hahahah :))

    Michael Macalos

  3. Omg seryoso ba 'to? Girly outfit ka na talaga lately <3 Bagay naman pala sayo eh hihi. AT PUMAYAT KA NA OKAY. :D

  4. it really looks great on you! and so mean of the person who told you to diet :(

  5. First of all love the whole look! The dress is so adorbs and those sneaker wedges are so part of my wishlist! :)

    Don't mind those people. They do not know what you've been going through and what you're doing. I mean, you're already doing the "healthier lifestyle." People will often judge you for different reasons but what matters most is that you know in yourself na you're doing the right thing. Cheers, Angel! :)


  6. It is human nature to be insatiable. Whatever we do, no matter how hard we try, there will always be people who will demand more from you. Ang nakakainis lang eh yung mga tao na hindi mo naman ka-close kung maka-comment akala kilalang-kilala pagkatao mo, tama? Just don't mind them. They are ignorant. Be happy and stay positive! :)

    I really love this dress sobrah! I never would have thought it would look really stylish with sneaker wedges. :D

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  7. "They told me I couldn't, that's why I did."
    "It's always too early to quit."

    I live by these two quotes and it meant a great deal to me. Just do your thing, babe! :*

    Gerd Perez