Friday, May 17, 2013

One Can Dream.

"Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one."

- Quentin Jacobsen,
Paper Towns by John Green

Don't you ever wish that things could be that way: where you love something so much that you just become it? I do. Like, if I just keep loving the Jedi more and more, I might just become one. Or if I keep loving someone's body, I might actually get that body for myself.

One can dream, right?

Anyway, as I slowly dream about becoming a hot-bodied Jedi, here's what I wore to the TOPS opening and to a movie date at Rockwell with the boys:

08 sports top from Bench
floral heels from SM Parisian

Found this old Bench top in the deepest recesses of my closet and was ecstatic to learn that it still fits me. Just FYI: I've had this top since my high school days. And not even my Bangkok high school days. My Marymount high school days. That's 12 years ago!!! It's still in tip-top condition, too. Like it was never worn. Talk about amazing qualitehhh!

black YSL-inspired ring from Mar

silver Show Off necklace from La Senza

silver tie necklace from Bangkok

50 Shades of Grey, anyone? :p

black lace shorts from ForMe
beige studded cap from Young Wild Free

These shorts are actually humongous on me coz I bought them right before our Baguio trip late last year (read: when I was much chunkier), but I love them so much, I just can't bear to let them go. So... a couple of hair pins here and there and voila! :) You'd never know they're huge on me!

What do you think of this look? :) And if you could become something just by loving it so much, what would it be? Interested to read your answers! :)

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  1. Love your heels, shorts and your hat, so cute outfit

    Lots of Love from Ireland