Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time, The Ultimate Trickster.

Isn't it strange how some moments in life seem to go on for ages and others seem to pass us by so quickly, you start wondering how the hell that happened?

I've been staring at my daughter for unknown reasons lately, remembering how my half an hour of pushing felt like an eternity, and now *poof* she's three. How the fuck did that happen?

Anyway, since I'm reminiscing about the past and since it's Thursday, I thought it would be nice to do a throwback post. I have a lot of outfit posts in my laptop that haven't been blogged, either out of sheer laziness, pure forgetfulness or the fear of going back to a time that I either miss or abhor.

Anyway, here's one of them, taken by Gerd Perez last December - a time that I miss, but wouldn't necessarily want to go back to:

blue flats from Manels
blue pleated skirt from F-Stop
white musical note top from I Heart Matilda

infinity ring from Seraphim
man with a mustache ring from Seraphim
black infinity necklace from Crave More

bangles from Bangkok
owl bag from Chick Flick

Ahh. Back when owls and infinite symbols were my life.

What are you missing at the moment? :)


  1. No kidding. Time flies, especially when you have children. Love your ring, or rings - very unique.

  2. i love the electric blue skirt!! <3