Sunday, June 9, 2013

Check Out the New Superdry Scuba Collection!

Last week, I was invited to the exclusive launch of the new Superdry Scuba Collection.

While Superdry has already been in the Philippine market since late last year and has enjoyed tremendous support thus far, this is the first time I have actually spent time really checking out each and every watch that they have and really got to know the brand while I was at it.

The minute I stepped into Brotzeit for the event, I was floored. My mind pretty much went haywire when they asked me to choose one of the watches from their Superdry Scuba Collection. They were all sooo nice, I didn't know which one to get!!!

The Tokyo-inspired UK brand is known for capturing elements of "urban" and "street wear" designs with subtle combinations of vintage Americana, Japanese imagery and British tailoring - all with strong attention to detail.

My favorite part about the Superdry Scuba Collection, though, would be their face guard protectors, which I haven't had on a watch since I was 12! Not only did it bring back memories, but I also happen to be exceedingly clumsy and the protectors will keep my new watch safe forevaaah! XD

With fellow bloggers Mikyle Quizon, Dani Barretto, David Guison and Seph Cham! :) 

As you can see, I ended up getting the white one. Why white? Coz it's a classic color. And coz I currently do not have any white watches in my collection. (Yes, I have a collection... I have a thing for watches!)

I was actually a bit hesitant to get white at first because I was worried it would get dirty easily and that it would be hard to clean, but they set my mind at ease at the event when they told me that water and a soft cloth would do the trick very nicely. :) There is no need to worry, either, because the Superdry Scuba Collection is water-resistant. :)

Two more Superdry Scuba Collection watches that I would love to get my hands on!

What else do I love about the Superdry Scuba Collection?

Well, for starters, it looks very modern and fashionable. Even in white, it stands out from the rest. Aside from that, it also has a prominent branded matte dial that comes in multi-color pops. The silicone bracelet also has a stainless steel casing. Plus, each timepiece comes with its own cool Superdry Scuba Collection case as seen in the first photo.

The most important part, though, is that this robust timepiece can be worn every single day (or night), no matter what you decide to wear. I swear: once I have enough money saved up, I'm getting that baby pink one... or the leathery one. I can't decide (again)!!! The Scuba Watch Collection retails at only Php4,500 each, by the way. Awesomesauce!

What do you think of my pick? :)

For more information on Superdry wrist watches, please visit their official website or like them on Facebook :)