Sunday, June 2, 2013

Couple Shots: Patience, Young Skywalker.

I think that, subconsciously, I am sending a message to Gerd through Star Wars. Yoda and the rest of the Jedi always emphasize on the importance of patience all throughout the movies and I believe that, in order to be able to deal with me on a regular basis, patience is one of the most important traits a person needs to have.

Why? Well, I'm generally a very irritable, cranky and bitchy person before I get my caffeine fix. And, even after I get my first, second or third caffeine fix of the day; I am generally a very irritable, cranky and bitchy person when things don't go my way or when someone says or does something wrong.

Enter the most patient person I know: Gerd Perez. Yihee!

Gerd has been very patient with me and continues to be very patient with me throughout our relationship, regardless of how irritable, cranky and bitchy I might get. Just goes to show that he's much more of a Jedi and I'm much more of a Sith! :p

The good news is that I am trying. I'm trying really, really hard to become a better version of myself, not just in terms of my personality, but also my lifestyle. Since 2013 started, I've been smoking less, drinking less and eating less unhealthy stuff. Woot! Go, me!

You know those guys that I talk about sometimes and think back on with fondness - the ones I go, "Yeah, those were some good times" for?

Well, I won't say I've gotten so lucky this time around that I'm convinced this is it; but Gerd is pretty darned awesome. Those guys can just suck it. :p

Off to a movie date now! Ciao! :)

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  1. such a lovely couple... =)
    you both got the style,, yeah i agree with you our partners should complement us...

  2. You look good together! :D

    -Mish @

  3. I always look forward to a blogpost from you with couple shots with gerd. You two looks perfect together. Happiness because of love is always seen in your photos! Keep it up Angel & Gerd :)

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    you really look amazing....great couple..

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  5. Yeah, these were some good times. Lol