Thursday, June 20, 2013

Changing My Mind.

You know, there was this time last month where Syrena and I went to The Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio with the boys and it was amazingly awesome coz I had never seen Syrena so excited about anything in her life so far, yet also amazingly depressing coz I was too busy being a hands-on mommy that I didn't take any pictures. :(

Here's one that I stole from Hezron's blog, though. :p

But then I read Dave's post and realized I didn't need to make a post coz his is about as perfect as it can get. Seriously. Check it out here.

What I am gonna do, though, is show you what my mini-me and I wore on our day of discovery! :)

Can we pass for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise? Hahaha!

On Syrena: dress from Bangkok and shoes from Sugar Kids

blue skater skirt from Copper
red cover-up from Ichx's Clothing

sheer pink hearts top from ASOS
black owl necklace from Crave More

bag from Freeway

When out with the kids, it's always important to bring a big bag to fit all of your toddler-necessities in: water, baby wipes, a nappy or two, a change of clothes, and toys. This eliminates the need for an extra bag.

Freeway bags come in very handy when it comes to this because they are lightweight and spacious yet fashionable at the same time. I have three of these Freeway bags right now, all with different designs. It's a growing collection of mine! :)

shoes from Crocs

Crocs are extremely comfortable. I kid you not. Since I knew I'd be spending the day walking around a huge museum and running after my kid, I knew I needed to wear my most comfortable shoes to date, and these are it.

Fun fact: when I showed up at the museum, all of the boys were wearing Crocs, too. No joke! I should get a pair for the lil one soon. :)

Of course, Syrena and I didn't pass up the opportunity to be kids there, either. It's our favorite pastime! :)

We had so much fun at The Mind Museum! It was actually the first time that S met the boys and I am sooo glad she ended up liking loving them immensely. She had a huge obsession with Dave and Miko for a while after that. Mooooo. It was adorable, really.

I hope you enjoyed this post of me and my mini-me! :) I'm hoping to post more of these in the future now that she's more cooperative in terms of going out. Besides, I had a huge smile on my face all throughout typing this. I hope you did, too. :)

For more information on The Mind Museum, please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @themindmuseum :)


  1. cute look! and cute baby tooo! :)

  2. Aww she's so cute in her pink dress :D

  3. This is too cute for words!