Saturday, June 8, 2013

Store in Focus: Time-Lined

I have always wanted a rucksack. And not the conventional backpack type of rucksack, either. A rucksack like this:

I still remember the very first time I saw the Time-Lined lineup as seen above. I squealed, grabbed Gerd's arm and reiterated over and over again that I wanted one. About a week after that, I had one. Prayers answered!

I loved the owners so much that I actually ended up raving about them to my friends for the rest of the day. :p

Although I originally wanted the rucksack in Fatigue or Black, I was too excited to have one that I didn't wait for those colors to be back in stock again. Between the available Lavender and Cream colors, I went for the Cream.

My thoughts? Looks-wise, space-wise, comfort-wise and durability-wise, I would give Time-Lined ten out of ten.

In fact, I'd give them twenty out of ten in terms of space. I never have any idea how I am always able to fit so much stuff into that thing, but I do and it never feels heavier, no matter how much stuff I put into it, either. This is one of the reasons why i have named my Cream rucksack "Mary Poppins". (I name my things. Don't judge.)

However, I'm not too keen on the color that I got. :( While it may look great on pictures and stuff, the truth is that it got dirty fairly quickly. Maybe it's coz I'm clumsy or coz I'm not very maalaga of my things, but Mary Poppins now looks like she was dragged through a thunderstorm. Thrice.

I can't really blame it, though. It's been through quite a few out-of-town trips already and I still love it to bits despite the dirt. But again: I wouldn't recommend the lighter colors. Unless you're lil miss perfect who doesn't get any of her things dirty, I'd opt for the darker colors.

Of course, if you don't mind the dirt because it gives the bag character (this is what I have been telling myself lately to make my OC perfectionist self feel better lol), then feel free to go for the lighter colors.

Either way, Time-Lined rucksacks are definitely worth the investment in my opinion! :)

To see the rest of their collection and stay up-to-date with their giveaways, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @t_linedrucksacks :)