Friday, June 28, 2013

Age and Me.

It's amazing how I can have the shittiest day in the world and the minute someone makes some random comment about how I look like I'm still in high school, my world turns around for the better.

Ahhh. Age. Why does it matter so much to me?

floral top - thrifted
pink maxi skirt from Forever 21

Decided to wear another unexpected-of-me outfit on my last SM Southmall date with the boyfie (thanks for taking my outfit shots, my love!) I love how my skirt was blowing in the wind during our shoot. Unexpected dramatic effects FTW!

fedora hat from Bangkok
floral connector ring-bracelet from Quirkypedia

Ordered this floral connector ring-bracelet from Quirkypedia the minute it showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. I'm a sucker for unique things and this definitely caught my eye. So, despite me not being a girly girl, I knew I just had to have it. Pretty, noh?

gladiator shoes from SM Parisian

Fell in love with these gladiator shoes from SM Parisian the minute I saw them. What with my current "Game of Thrones" obsession, though, that really shouldn't be surprising. :p

Anyone have the first book? May I borrow it pleaseee? :)

It's one thing to look young and actually be young, though. I miss the days when I could stay up partying until 5 in the morning and still have all the energy that I could possibly need to survive my 7am class.

Looking back now, I really have no idea how I did it. Today, I need to drink at least three cups of caffeine just to function normally. Ah. I miss my youth.


  1. hahhahha. I do feel the same about age, the problem is that they always mistake my age giving me more years that i actually have,

    You still look perfectly young dear, don't care what they say!

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  2. I don't know much about fashion but gladiator shoes really seem to be the trend these days. I hear my girl friends talking about them and on some blogs about celebrities too.

    And yeah you really look young! I can't judge how young you are though :P