Sunday, June 2, 2013


Being a geeky unconventional girl and all, I get giddy and kilig over the strangest things. For one, I think Sweeney Todd is the sweetest romantic hero out there. For two, I've always wanted the Goblin King to kidnap my baby brother and take me to his labyrinth. And for three, I've always wanted to go to the Shire, so that - for once in my life - I'd actually feel genuinely tall.

When I saw this cute lil round-shaped window at View Park Hotel Tagaytay, I immediately thought "Shire!!!" and concluded that my outfit shots would be taken there that day.

So, here I am in all of my geeky glory, with photos courtesy of Gerd Perez:

fedora hat from Bangkok
sunglasses from Hang Ten
black boots from CeCe Pour Les Filles

red pleather skirt from Luscious Closet

Words cannot explain how incredibly happy I was to find this skirt online. I swear: online stores like Luscious Closet are heaven-sent! I absolutely LOVE their items and can't wait to indulge in more very soon! :)

floral top from a thrift store :) #proudmoment

Yeah. That's right. THRIFTED. WOOOOO!!!
And yes, I'm wearing florals.

What can I say? I'm pretty easy to please. A bit of geekiness in my system and I'm happy for the rest of my day. It helps that we ended the day by watching Star Wars... even if it was The Phantom Menace one and I fell asleep right before the Darth Maul scene. Happens every time. Just like clockwork. :p

Have a great Monday! :)
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