Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Look at Cinderella.

Every now and then, I like to surprise my boyfriend by wearing something that he completely doesn't expect me to wear. I like to keep things interesting, you see, and I like to keep the guy on his toes. :p

Such was the case when I showed up for our shoe-shopping (well, my shoe-shopping... he just watched me go nuts, really. :p) and coffee date at SM Southmall a couple of weeks ago.

I ended up grabbing two new pairs of shoes that day and my daughter ended up with three. This just goes to show that the whole "women love shoes" thing transcends all ages. (She's 3!) Besides, our new shoes might change our lives. You never know. I mean, look at Cinderella! Oha!

clogs from Manels
belt from Chick Flick
silver bangles and grey Grecian dress from Bangkok
glasses from What Women Want (SM Department Store)

Cute story: when I put on this dress, my 3-year-old daughter asked me, "Where's the other strap, mommy?" :p

furry bag - thrifted

I feel the need to explain that, in my dictionary, "thrifted" actually means "eBay". I don't know how to else to thrift shop...
Please don't judge me.

white watch from Superdry

One of my favorite watches to date! I simply love its classic color and how it goes with anything. :) The best part is that this watch comes in all types of colors, so you choose one according to your personal preferences. :) Find out ore about the Superdry Scuba Collection here.

So, what do you think? Interesting and not-me enough for ya? :)

I've actually found myself veering more towards dresses lately. Maybe it's all the love in my life recently. #blessed Off to catch the "Before Midnight" premiere. Fingers crossed it's all I ever hoped it would be!


  1. wow! too girly! But it suits you well din naman! :) yay for more dresses and shoes! :P

  2. such a fun bag!! when i wear off-the-shoulder things, my son will always try to pull it up and tell me it's falling down :)

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  3. Nah, I think life is too short to label stuff as "me" and "not me", go try them all! :)

    You look good in a lot of stuff. :)