Monday, June 3, 2013

Girl Stuff: The Safest Nail Polish Choice in the Metro!

Do you have a kikay daughter in your midst? My daughter, Syrena, is only 3, but she is obsessed with makeup and nail polish. I was always hesitant to get her nails done, though... that is, until I "met" Girl Stuff.

Thank you for the loot, Girl Stuff! :)

What makes Girl Stuff different from the rest of the other nail polish brands out there is that it is completely free of the 3 hamrful chemicals usually found in them: formaldehyde, toluene and di-butyl phtlate.

You might not know this, but these chemicals found in other brands of nailpolish are actually carcinogenic and toxic and can cause damage and harm to nails.

Girl Stuff, though, is completely non-toxic and thus super safe to use. It dries quickly, too, and doesn't cause yellowing due to the lack of formaldehyde. This makes it the perfect choice for both Syrena and me! :)

There are three kinds of Girl Stuff nail polish available in the market, as follows:

Their washable nail polish is what I currently use on Syrena. It dries just like regular nailpolish, but can be removed with ease just by washing and rubbing the nails with water and soap. Talk about convenience! No need to worry about acetone harming your lil girl's nails with these!

The magnetic nail polish is something that I haven't tried out yet. Apparently, it applies and dries just like regular nailpolish, too, but comes with a lil magnet that can create patterns when freshly applied! I can't wait to try these out and share my experience with you! :)

I have yet to try out their regular nail polish, too, but I'm loving the shade on the left so far just by looking at it! :)

What I love the most about Girl Stuff nail polish, though, is how affordable it is, even though it is imported from France. At Php99.75 to Php249.75, you definitely can't go wrong!

I've already documented our trials with the washable nail polish and will be posting it real soon! Stay tuned! :)

For now, feel free to like Girl Stuff on Facebook :)


  1. i wish my mom knew about this when i was younger and wanted to try nail polish. she wouldn't allow me to use em back then :) thanks for sharing!

  2. this is so awesome! thanks for showing us this!!

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