Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hot > Cold


coat with fur hood from Copper

Okay. Yes, I know that it's insanely hot in our country, but you gotta admit that it's also insanely cold in our cinemas, so I brought this coat with me to keep me toasty and warm while watching "Epic" with Gerd sometime last week. Thanks for taking my photos, as ush! :)

I've been to my fair share of cold countries and I swear I would rather sweat in the heat than shiver in the cold. I'm the kind of person who would rather sleep naked without any covers than bundle herself up in a ton of covers begging for the cold to go away.

That only goes for the weather, though. And guys, of course. But when it comes to coffee and chocolate drinks, I'd still go for cold over hot.

Here's what my outfit looked like sans the eskimo look:

grey skirt from Outlet Store
short-sleeved cable knit top from Kashieca

This outfit came about coz my friend Anton dared me to try something preppy. Is this preppy enough for you, love? :p Will defo be trying out more preppy looks in the future. Watch out for that! :)

colorful flats from Outlet Store

Gerd and I were able to check out this store in San Juan recently called Outlet Store and I loved a lot of their items. The best part is that they were really affordable and unique. Gotta love these flats most of all! :)

yellow Wonder Girl Swap watch from Tomato

Check out my Tomato Swap watch!!! It was practically meant for me! I can't wait to get more graphic faces soon, including the Zombie one, the Kidlat one, and the Yoda one. I'm actually seriously thinking about selling most of my other watches coz this is all that I need in terms of casual watches right now.

What do you think of this look? :)

Eskimo or no eskimo? :p


  1. cute eskimo jacket :) i have a huge collection of jackets even tho its insanely hot here, like u said. i always bring one when i go out. - shayne

  2. Love your first picture how you are smiling.