Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers: The Best Place for Quality Korean Food

My love for Korean food started in Bangkok about a decade ago when my dad would bring back bottled kimchi from the Korean ambassador to Thailand. Since we moved here, though, I have moved way past the kimchi phase and into a lot of other Korean dishes.

As such, it should make complete sense that I couldn't wait to try out Bulgogi Brothers when it opened in the new wing in Alabang Town Center.

Well, that is exactly where we went for a huge dinner after a day of fitness, courtesy of barre3, the walk for TOMS' One Day without Shoes and some good ol' Dance Dance Revolution at Timezone. :p

Despite my immense love for Korean food, it was actually my first time at Bulgogi Brothers, though. See, I live in BF Homes - the capital of Korean restaurants (and Korean grocery stores and Korean billiard hotels, etc.) in the Metro. But since we were in ATC already, I took the chance to finally try out this much talked about restaurant by the Bistro Group.


To start, we were served this platter of sweet potato, corn and quail eggs. To be honest, that platter in itself already made my day.

And what would a Korean feast be without some hot tea?

The appetizers were great. We had some fried goodness in the form of Haemul Gunjung Mandu (beware the veggies in the middle, though - they are extremely spicy!!!).

And my favorite dish of the night: Dubu Steak. I absolutely looove tofu in every form, so I will definitely order this again and again every time I'm at Bulgogi Brothers.

For the drinks, we were served some lime juice and raspberry juice. The raspberry juice was far too sweet for my taste, to be honest, but nothing a lil watering down couldn't handle. (The good news is that watering down drinks also gives you  more to drink in the end. Haha!)

We also had some Haemul Bibimbap, which was great with the sauce that it came with, and some Kimchi-Jjigae. I wasn't able to take a picture of the soup, though. Coz, as mentioned earlier, I'm a sucker for kimchi, so... I ate without thinking. :( #badblogger

For our "barbecue", we had the Bulgogi Brothers Special, which was apparently good for 2-3 persons. With all of the other things that we had to eat, though, this was a lot (it included the pictures above and below this paragraph).

If you plan on going with 2-3 persons, you might just want to order this and nothing else. But if there are more of you, order this and some of the other things I mentioned above. :)

My favorite part of the meal was the fact that all of the hamburger patties were shaped like hearts. Piella, our waitress for the night - love her, by the way! - said that this tradition started when a random guy in Korea asked a restaurant if he could get special heart-shaped patties to surprise his girlfriend with. Awwwww!

Of course, dessert couldn't be left out. I am a huge fan of Korean ice cream and buy most of the Korean popsicles at our nearby Korean grocery store in BF, so I was sooo happy to see that they served different kinds at Bulgogi Brothers.

It was my first time to try this Ice Sandwich with Cookie and I like it even more than the Melona popsicles, if that's even possible.

Now, my biggest problem in reviewing restaurants is that, when I visit it as a review, the food is always awesome. But then, the next time I go, it's not so great anymore.

I actually went back to Bulgogi Brothers a week after we went to ATC for dinner, though, and I am so happy to announce that Bulgogi Brothers tastes amazing, whether they know you will be writing about them or not and regardless of which branch you go to (I went to MOA the second time around).

Great food. Great service. You can't go wrong. Bulgogi Brothers is now officially my second favorite "Brothers"... after Super Mario. :p

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  1. Looks nice! Thank you for your comment, you could also write in english, but is was so much pleasure reading your comment in german! That's so beautiful. I'm going to follow you via GFC and followed you 1min ago via Instagram! It would be very nice, if you'd follow me back at both sites! Have a nice rest weekend! XOXO

  2. Good picture of you both.


  3. Replies
    1. Not yet. :( But it's definitely on my must-try list! :) Is it good?

    2. hi wonder woman, yoogane is celebrating their anniversary, you might want to visit them and try so you can avail a 10% discount. plus just in time since they have a lot of new items in their menu.

      regarding your question, "is it good?" i would say that I enjoyed my meal everytime I visit yoogane

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