Monday, April 15, 2013

Caribbean Footwear: The Affordable Way to Comfort

When it comes to flip flops, there is only one thing that I look for: comfort. Plain and simple.

Although I will be the first to admit that I was born in heels, flip flops are actually my go-to pieces of footwear on days when I let my hair down, leave my makeup on the shelf and just relax. Secret's out! I also turn to them straight after a long event, truth be told. ;p

Unfortunately, there are many problems between flip flops and me. I always seem to find flip flops with straps that are too tight, flip flops that "die" after just a month, flip flops that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, or flip flops that are too expensive.

And then I met Caribbean Footwear, my ultimate match in flip flop heaven. :)

I first fell in love with Caribbean Footwear when I saw the pair pictured above. Not only were the prints pretty, but the straps were pretty, too! <3

A lot of the time, flip flops have cute designs that get covered when you wear them anyway - what's the point? - and have boring straps on them. Caribbean Footwear has great designs and straps, making them every fashionista's best friend. :)

Looks are just a bonus, though. As mentioned earlier, comfort is key for me when it comes to flip flops. Fortunately, Caribbean Footwear delivers in that department, too.

I can wear these babies all day everyday - and if my toes weren't so ugly from high heel overuse, I prolly would, too! :p

The best thing about Caribbean Footwear for me, though, is the comfort in their straps. Not only are they colorful, elegant and pretty on every pair, but they are also made with cutting-edge technology that ensures they are comfortable and durable at the same time.

Did I mention that it also makes use of anti-slip technology for clumsy peeps like me? :p

Whether they are actually durable in the long run still remains to be seen since I only got my pairs of Caribbean Footwear a couple of weeks ago, but for now, I am loving them to bits! :) Besides, for around Php200 to Php300 a pair, how can you go wrong?

What do you think of them so far? Pretty colors, right? Go visit any SM Department Store and try some on yourself! They also have men's flip flops! :D

To see the rest of their flip flop styles or for more information on Caribbean Footwear, in general, visit their official website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: caribbeanph :)


  1. OMGG!!! Those flipflops are too cute for my life!!! <3 Have to get myself a pair soooon. :">

  2. Loving these prints!! Perfect for the crazy summer! :D

  3. These are really cool! Will show this to my mom/sister/girl friends haha meron pang guys? lol

  4. These are really nice prints! Thankyou for your comment!

  5. perfect for summer! i love their safari collection!

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