Friday, April 19, 2013

Goody Gulp - Syrena's Current Addiction

While my current addiction is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Ultimate Vanilla Ice Blended drink, Syrena's current addiction is much more affordable and can actually be found within walking distance of our house: Goody Gulp.

Have your kids tried it?

Goody Gulp comes in two variants:

The Spongebob Chocolate Milk Variant

The Patrick Strawberry Milk Variant

Either way, Syrena loves them both.

What fascinated me the most about Goody Gulp is how Syrena actually asks me for it. I used to give her another brand of chocolate milk, but she never finished it. And then I tried making her those powdered chocolate milk variants. That didn't work, either.

But Goody Gulp. She actually asks for it. Daily. Which isn't a problem coz it's only Php16 each when bought in bulk at Robinson's Supermarket or Php19 when bought as singles! :D

Another thing that fascinated me about Goody Gulp is how Syrena actually drinks the strawberry milk variant. She never used to drink anything new, but she was more than willing to try this one out and she loves it, too.

I make sure to have stocks of both variants in the fridge coz her mood changes just as quickly as mine. One day, she'll ask for chocolate milk and another day, she'll ask for strawberry milk.

 Other facts about Goody Gulp:

- Its milk is from New Zealand and its cocoa is from Holland.
- It is a natural source of calcium, vitamins and minerals.
- It doesn't come with any preservatives.

Yes, I've done my research. Syrena's got a sensitive stomach, so I had to make sure this wouldn't make her tummy act up. #motheroftheyear

Anyway, we get Goody Gulp from Robinson's Supermarket, but it's available practically everywhere, including Mini-Stop and 7-11! Just keep an eye out.

You can also like Goody Gulp on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more updates! :)


  1. I don't see blowing bubbles inside my mouth in this post. Haha! Really curious what Goody Gulp taste like.

  2. My kids would definitely love that! I hope hindi sya masyadong matamis.. will definitely buy these! Thanks!

  3. omg I want this :( I don't think I'll ever grow up :( lol