Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

The very first Internet broadband stick that I bought was from Sun Broadband. It is the same one that I use today for all of my web browsing needs and it has never failed me.

Why I still haven't switched to Sun Cellular phone-wise is completely beyond me, seeing as my current service provider *not naming names* is a complete let-down.

The way I see it, there are so many better options at Sun Cellular. Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 999, for instance, are great choices in Postpaid.

With Plan 600, you can get unlimited Sun calls and texts, Php250 consumable and 350 free texts to other networks, so you can still stay in touch with people on other networks with ease.

And with Plan 999, you can get 4 hours of Sun calls, unlimited Sun texts and unlimited mobile Internet - perfect for Internet addicts like me!

I am definitely thinking about switching to Sun and getting one of these plans now. What do you think? Should I finally make the switch? :)

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