Monday, April 8, 2013

Why I am Currently Addicted to barre3.

After my one-year hiatus from working out, in which I ate and ate and ate and ate, I knew I had to find something that I loved and was passionate about in order to lose the 15kg or so that I gained during my fat-year hiatus and in order to maintain a new and healthy weight while staying fit at the same time.

Enter barre3.

I only started doing barre3 regularly two weeks ago, though I did try it once before. It wasn't until I got an unlimited monthly membership that I truly realized how helpful it was for me as a whole, though.

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Since I have only been doing barre3 for two weeks so far, I can't really say that it has changed my entire life just yet. However, there are several benefits that have become evident to me within those two weeks.

For starters, barre3 has regularized my sleeping schedule. Since I have vowed to go to barre3 at least three times a week, I find myself sleeping earlier in order to make it to the morning classes when I have events to attend during the day. This means that I have to wake up earlier to make it to my classes, as well.

I also sleep more soundly at night because of this new regular sleeping schedule. So, in a way, barre3 hasn't just cured my insomnia, but it has also disciplined my mind and my body at the same time.

barre3 has also given me more energy. Ever since I started going to barre3 in the mornings, I have noticed a significant spike in my energy levels. Every time I leave the exercise studio, I find myself wide awake and practically skipping out of Alabang Town Center, even if I walked in groggy and angry because of the ungodly hour (ungodly for me, anyway) that I had to get up and the lack of caffeine in my system at the time.

barre3 has made me feel better about myself. I used to hate that I was so unfit and weak that I was actually unable to finish a barre3 class without wanting to shoot myself in the head. Two weeks in, however, I can finish the arm sequences without putting down my weights... which, for me, is already an incredible improvement.

Although I admit that my legs and abs still shake like crazy during the legs and abs sequences, all that this slight improvement in the arm department has done is motivate me to keep going, so that one day, I will actually be able to finish each barre3 class without wheezing... and look good, to boot. ;)

No matter how near or far that day might be, though, it is evident that I don't have any plans on quitting barre3 anytime soon.

So... who wants to work out with me? There are free community classes this week in The Fort and Alabang, if you want to try it out! :D Let me know!

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