Thursday, April 4, 2013

Regatta Welcomes Summer with Scent and Style

Whenever I hear of Regatta, what instantly comes to mind is a relaxed and comfortable style of clothing. Though the beach also comes to mind. Particularly sailing. And "The O.C". Did you ever watch that show? It is so Regatta.

Anyways, Regatta is pushing the boundaries of both scent and style this summer with their new fresh Leisure scent and their Preppy Resort clothing collection. :)

Let's start with their latest scent, aptly named Leisure to represent the comfy and casual experience of the brand as a whole:

Leisure for Women smells exactly what summer should smell like: light, fresh and flowery. The men's version, however, has a more musky foresty scent to it, perfect for outdoor wear.

With this new scent comes Regatta's latest Preppy Resort summer collection, which continues the tradition of relaxed classic tops and bottoms, but with fun and bright summer colors. Check out some of the photos from the launch a few weeks ago, taken by Gerd Perez:

Say hello to my new favorite male model <3

For men, basic polo shirts and flat-front tailored bottoms are given a makeover by Regatta through summer shades, highlighting the fresh and clean expression of their new Leisure scent and of summer fun.

For women, feminine dress shirts, comfortable bottoms and flattering cover-ups are given new life with summery hues to awaken everyone's cravings for the beach this summer.

The drawstring summer shorts as seen above are completely new for the brand. I personally love them the most! The mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms are a close second, though!

This collection also uses chambray fabric, which is softer and lighter than linen, but provides the same relaxed look in every piece of clothing that it is used in.

With this collecton, Regatta makes the most out of the season's theme with designs that definitely up the fun fashion and easy vibe that the brand is known for to begin with.

I can't wait to go shopping at Regatta soon! :)

For more information on what Regatta Philippines has to offer, don't forget to visit their official website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)

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