Monday, April 8, 2013


A friend once told me that if I had an ironic nickname like Pudge does in "Looking for Alaska", mine would be "Lil Miss Sunshine".

I'm not sure if you'd look at that as a good thing or a bad thing, but I sure as hell won't be apologizing for my straightforwardness and lack of ability to sugarcoat things anytime soon.

The thing is, though, that I only comment on things when I know that the person I'm talking to has the ability to change those things about them, like if their thighs are getting big (do some cardio!) or if the guy that they like isn't interested in them (find someone else!)

I also only say these things once. Whether the person actually does anything about it is completely up to them. My deed of honesty is done.

Anyway, before I continue with my rant, here are some long lost photos of an outfit I wore around a month ago.

Photos taken by Gerd Perez.

sneaker wedges from Promod
gold and black skirt from Copper
sunglasses from SM Department Store

Just a quick special appearance by my daughter in her pambahay... I'm not too fond of that bunny smile of hers. Hmm.

gold spiked ear cuff from Crave More

black necklace from... forgot... :( I'm so sorry.
black Rolling Stones tank top from Forever 21

Bought this tank top for one reason alone: Carrie Bradshaw!

Back to my earlier rant... Some people have been trying to mimic this straightforwardness of mine and have even blamed me for their lack of tact and grace in conversations recently. #uncool Unfortunately, dear, you have failed miserably.

It is one thing to be straightforward about things that people can change, but another to be mean about the things that they can't change. I would never tell someone that they should get a nose job or that I think their parents are complete assholes, for example; nor would I point out that I hate someone's boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them that they deserve better. Who are you to judge? And how exactly is that form of criticism helpful to others?

There is a difference, honey. Learn it.