Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to Use the iWhite Whitening Pack - A Step by Step Guide

I have to admit something very sad: unlike most normal women my age, I don't have the time to pamper myself by going to spas on a regular basis. This is because I spend every lil bit of free time I have with my daughter. Plus, I'm not really fond of spending an hour at a salon getting my nails done or half an hour at a spa getting my nose pricked until I'm crying inside. :p

That's why I am so thankful for the iWhite Whitening Pack. I started using the iWhite Whitening Pack sometime last month and have been using it twice a week since. :)

The results? Fewer blackheads, less oil and therefore fewer pimples. In other words, I don't even need to get facials anymore. Woohoo! :)

To be perfectly honest, though, I had some trouble getting used to the iWhite Whitening Pack. The first time I tried it, I put on too little of it on my face. The second time I tried it, I put on too much of it on certain areas of my face that my nose ended up completely facial mask-less. I fail at life.

Luckily, this is a good thing for you coz I can now teach you how to put on the iWhite Whitening Pack perfectly and you don't have to figure things out on your own like I did. Lol.

Step 1: Clean your face.

Make sure to tie your hair back, so that there aren't any loose strands hanging around. If you get some of the facial pack onto your hair - be it your eyebrows, eyelashes or actual hair - it can be a pain in the ass. Trust me - this happened to me during my first try. Lol.

Fortunately, if you do get some on your hair, you can use water to rinse it off. It will take a while, though.

Step 2: Apply the mask liberally.

I don't know about you, but I get stingy when it comes to facial masks. I tried out the 8g sachet and thought "Hmm... Maybe I can split this into two uses." No. You can't. Not only will you end up with too little of the product on your face, but the facial mask won't have the same consistency in the sachet the next time you want to use it anymore, either.

If you're using the 8g sachet, use the entire thing on your face in one go.

This is what you should end up looking like:

Step 3: Wait.

After that, it's just time for you to wait until the facial pack dries on your face. This usually takes around 15 minutes when you're just sitting down in room temperature or 5 minutes when you're sitting down in front of an electric fan coz of the heat. On that note, it is important not to sweat while wearing the mask. Otherwise, it will never dry!

Here are other do's and don'ts that you might wanna know about the iWhite Whitening Pack:

Step 4: Peel it off.

You can either peel the mask off from forehead to chin or from chin to forehead or in vertical stripes or in horizontal stripes or even in patches. It doesn't really matter. (Also tried and tested! Lol.) Just get that thing off! Rawr!

Up to now, I still find this step utterly uncomfortable because it feels like my actual skin is getting peeled off in the process. But I take that as a good thing. It's like my old skin is leaving behind a whole new layer of it for me to enjoy. :p

Fun fact: I wrote this blogpost while wearing the mask and literally just took the photos above! Haha.

I'm no pro beauty blogger, so please tell me you can see at least a lil bit of a difference. Less oil, brighter skin and a more sunny disposition? Right? Haha.

What I Loved about the iWhite Whitening Pack

- It has this minty fresh feeling when you put it on that instantly makes you feel better after a long day.

- It is cheap compared to other facial masks - only Php20 per sachet!

- It leaves you with a clean and refreshing feeling afterwards, especially when matched with the iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream, which I currently swear by (review on that next time!).

What I Didn't Like about the iWhite Whitening Pack

- If you apply the mask with your fingers like I do, it may take a while to rinse off the rest of the product from your fingers.

- It was difficult for me to perfect the application process the first few times.

Now that I have, though, I am loving it! I actually use tubes of it now instead of the sachets. :) What is hooked!

iWhite products are available in Watsons and Mercury Drugstores. For more information, like iWhite Korea on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. :)


  1. im also using this and the nose pack! sayang they dont have the seaweed mask anymore, that was my favorite!

  2. This is a lot less messy than sheet masks.

  3. I've also used this whiting pack, seriously it gives me a new look on my face.. Before using this pack, my skin becomes so dull and and also covered with pimple but after using this pack this glow twice.. I'm so happy after using this product..!!

  4. Thanks for the review!!! <3 Might try this soon! Please do check out my blog

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