Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Never Too Late.

Life's thrown a lot of unexpected things my way recently, but I know now that nobody is in any position to judge anybody else for their actions or their decisions.

While people may have the choice to do the right thing, the truth is that, under pressure or with a clouded mind, we still make the wrong decisions every once in a while. And that's fine because nobody is perfect.

The good news is that it's never too early or too late to be who you want to be. I hope you remember that and I hope that gives you hope. Hope, and motivation to become a better person. :)

sunglasses from Hang Ten
sheer chiffon top from ASOS
animal print pants from Forever 21

Just a quick anecdote before I continue with my attempt-at-being-inspirational post... Kat took these photos for me (thank you!) and we didn't notice that I was still wearing my name tag after the Caribbean Footwear event. That explains why I'm still wearing them in some of the photos. :p Don't judge, please.

yellow pumps from Bumper

Of course, there is also the option to just stay the same. (This would be especially applicable if you are already downright awesome, like Barney Stinson :p). But, either way, make the best of what you have instead of the worst of it.

If you feel like you have hit rock bottom, then just remind yourself that God can give you the strength to start over. He has done it for me so many, many times and He will do it for you.

Then, you can live a life that your parents and your (future) children will be proud of in the end. Believe. :)

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  1. I clicked because of the top you're wearing. It's so... girly. Are those hearts on it?