Monday, November 7, 2011

Accessorize: All about Bags Launch

Accessorize is one of the stores that I never fail to enter when I see it in a mall. So, when Ana invited me to an Accessorize event called All about Bags, which was happening in less than 24 hours, I dropped all of my plans and decided to attend... Even though it was all the way in SM North Edsa (I live in Muntinlupa, just FYI - what is love! :p)

It was actually my first time to commute to SM North, but I made it there safely - and with time to spare. Haha. I was actually surprised that some bloggers were already there when I got there since I'm usually the early bird. That just goes to show how much fashionistas love Accessorize!

The Accessorize: All about Bags event was held at Persia Grill in SM North Edsa. Why was it called "All about Bags", you ask? Well, that's because Accessorize is featuring a whole collection of bags - both old and brand new ones! - at 50% off from now until November 30, 2011! Woot woot! If you want a sneak peek of what bags you can look forward to seeing at this sale, then wait for my next post. :)

For now, here's what the event was like...

I trooped to Persia Grill after a 2-hour commute without really knowing what to expect.

But seeing all of the Accessorize signs and posters made my accessory-loving heart skip a beat. I got so excited! After all, I have a wide collection of accessories and Accessorize plays a huge part in them.

Being the vain fashionistas that we are (aminin! :p), we decided to take photos outside first...

We started off with a small group of 7.

Which soon evolved into a bigger group of 9.

And then there were 12! Haha. More bloggers came when we were already inside, as well, so I think this was only half of the attendees. Thanks, JR, for patiently taking our pics! :)

Here's what it looked like inside the venue.

We even had incredibly cute (and incredibly delicious) Union Jack cupcakes waiting for us. In case you didn't know, Accessorize is a London-based brand. :)

They turned our lips and teeth pink, though. Guess the trick was on us. Haha. Happy Halloween! :p

The Bloggers United girls who invited us all: Melai Entuna of Style and Soul and Ana Gonzalez of The Fashionista Commuter (Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums was sadly MIA that day).

Once most of the bloggers had arrived, Melai then asked us to introduce ourselves and our outfits. Yes! Candid shots time!

(left) Helga Weber of Ditz Revolution; (right) Nicole Santos of The Dress Up Doll... getting ready to sing? :p

(left) Krista Garcia of Sentimental Style; (right) my seatmate, Kira Ramirez of Elegantly Wasted

(left) Krissy Cruz of I am Krissy who, in my opinion, was the best dressed one that day (you need to have seen her shoes!); (right) Des Doligosa of Chic and Sassy Homemaker - it was nice to see you again! :)

Sadly, I only got pictures of the people at my own table because I wasn't seated at a great spot for picture-taking (as usual), so just visit their blogs to see more! :)

Once the introductions were over, the contests and activities began and I won a keychain for naming three branches of Accessorize in Manila. Did you know that we South girls have branches in both Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall? Sweet, huh? :)

Then came the moment of the truth: amongst a sea of bags on a couch, we were supposed to fight (to the death! haha) and hope to grab the bag that we wanted for ourselves. Here were the choices:

To be completely honest, I was surprised that there wasn't any hair-ripping, swearing or screaming going on. I guess we're just too nice and demure to fight over bags properly. :)

Thankfully, that also meant that I got my dream bag: that sequined Union Jack clutch bag in the front! :) I had been eyeing that bag for a while; but when I finally wanted to buy it, they only had the gold version left in the South stores. Yes, that day was definitely my lucky day. :) Will be blogging about my new bag soon.

After the bag grab, we also had to pick out various accessories to go with our outfit and new bag:

Turns out we had to have an impromptu mini fashion show afterwards! I don't have any pictures of the show, but let me just say that it was a ton of fun and there were a lot of laughs all around. It was sad having to return all of the accessories in the end, but the good news is that I now know which items to go back to Accessorize for. Yay! :)

Of course, our blogger's event wouldn't be complete with more photo-taking sessions with our fellow bloggers and one of my favorite parts: the food. Haha. So, here are some more photos of the people I met that day and the food that we ate. :p

The people I met/saw:

April, Mar, Belle, Nicole, me, Ava and Sarah

(left) Sarah Tirona aka Ms. Vape of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles; (right) the beautiful Arnie Villanueva of Raid My Closet

real fashionistas Helga and Krissy

(left) Giezelle Uy of Third World Fashion; (right) super cute Kira, getting ready to eat

Ana and Krista - loving their style!

(left) Des and me (she refused to have a solo shot taken); (right) Marianne Matic of Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen (we finally got to meet!!!)

And, of course, saving the best for last: ATHAN!!! :)

The food that we ate:

Everything was sooooo good!

Thank you so much, Bloggers United, for the invite and Ms. Ayet and Ms. Monica for having me. I had a blast! Not sucking up or anything: this was the best blogger's event I had been to since I started blogging in September. So, thank you so much! :) I had a ton of fun. Watch out for my next two blog posts on the Accessorize sale and my new Accessorize bag! :)

Don't forget to like Accessorize on Facebook and follow Accessorize on Twitter. You can also visit their official website here! :)


  1. Looove this post! I agree with all the things you said. Siguro grace under pressure yung nangyari sa atin with the "fight" over bags. Hahaha! See you again Angel aaand milk tea, too! ♥


  2. Effort ang pagcommute from muntinlupa to north ha! grabe i salute you!! anyhoo, great event! everyone was so stylish:)


  3. A for Effort! :) Grabe ah, bag and accessories! *drools! You are so lucky to be invited in this event!:)

  4. what did you get? those bags are making me drool all over! lol :)

  5. Such a great event! I've always love Accessorize!


  6. So happy to see you again! Hope to see each other more often! :))

    Best Regards!

    Des of

  7. I had been eyeing that Black Union clutch too for the longest time! I really need to visit the store and buy lotsa new clutches/bags!

  8. Whee! only read this now. It was so nice getting to meet you guys! :D aww thank you for that tiny line... sobrang made my day :)

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