Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bloggers United Part II: Are You Going?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, then you must have heard of Bloggers United Part II by now.

The Bloggers United Bazaar (Part II) is happening at Treston International College in Taguig this weekend: on December 3, 2011. Yeah, I have no idea how to get there, either, but Ana has made it easy for us. Just follow her super detailed directions here.

Anyway, I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what Bloggers United Part I was like because, well, I only started blogging in September (noob!), but I do know Sarah Tirona of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles is going to be there and I've been wanting to raid her closet for the longest time since we have the same clothing size and shoe size, so that's enough reason for me to go! Haha. Oh, no! Secret's out! BACK OFF. HER BOOTH IS MINEEE!!! :p

Ahem. Anyway, in a nutshell, Manila's fashion bloggers have come together to sell some of their pre-loved and stylish closet pieces at this bazaar in partnership with Multiply Philippines. Plus, there will be several exciting giveaways and fun contests going on during the day. How awesome is that?

Some of the notable bloggers you might bump into during the event include Divine Lee, Laureen Uy, Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayon, David Guison, Patricia Prieto and Daryl and Andre Chang of Preview Magazine! Even notable fashion bloggers of Cebu will be there, including Kryz Uy and Eden Villarba.

Part of the proceeds of this event will be given to the GMA Kapuso Foundation, as well, a small school-building project that hopes to do wonders in improving the Filipino youth's access to education.

All of this is possible, thanks to the organizers of BU: Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter, Melai Entuna of Style and Soul, and Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums.

So, if you're a bonafide shopaholic like me or just wanna try and get some affordable Christmas shopping done or even if you just wanna meet some of your favorite fashion bloggers, Bloggers United Part II is the perfect place to do so. Hope to see you there! :)

Let me know if you're going in the comments section, so I can keep an eye out for you! Will be bringing my mini-me, too. :)

Bloggers United Part II is co-presented by Nikon, Primadonna, Accessorize, and Columbia Digital and the official media partners are ETC, Meg Magazine, When in Manila, Gadgets Magazine.


  1. I really can't wait for this!! I'll even rush from my school in Ortigas to Taguig just to see all bloggers and also to buy some stuff from there :p I really need to save up now. Haha.

  2. Ready for our camp out? :) Haha


  3. i hadn;t heard of it! I think i might be living under a stone :D
    what i love about this blog, is that it always keeps me up 2 date! Great post ;)

  4. see you there :) mini-you is so cute! can't wait to see her again :)

  5. I hope to finally see you there!

  6. So excited for this!! See you, Angel! Let's raid Sarah's closet! Lol. :p Yay!


  7. HAHA Hi Angel :) YAY see you then!

    PS. Honestly looking forward to Kookie's and Vern's booths because we almost have the same shoe size (nagbabakasakali :p) Ugh downside of having big feet :3

  8. Hi again Angel. REALLY SIZE 10 si Divine Lee??!! Wow that gave me hope :) I'm a 9. And yes it helped ;) haha Thanks dear :) see you then!

  9. So wish I could go.. Looks and sound like it is going to be amazing..

    Love! ~Angel

  10. Hi, Angel :)

    I know this isn't related to your post, but it amazes me that we're both super/wonder girl or woman! Hahaha! :)

    See you at Bloggers United! :)

  11. Sounds really good!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Fox House giveaway on my blog!
    Cosa mi metto???