Friday, November 4, 2011

November Movies to Watch Out For!

I know, I know. I should really write this post on the 1st of every month, but I keep forgetting. Will be better about it next time around - I promise.

Anyway, I haven't been watching many movies and I hate myself for it. "The Three Musketeers" and "In Time" are still on my need-to-watch list, but being a mommy and a blogger, I've pretty much got my days full lately. It doesn't help that some movies only show in 3-D and the little one is still too little for 3-D glasses.

Okay, enough ranting and on with the November movies! Woohoo! :D

Out since November 4: Puss in Boots

Who doesn't love Puss in Boots? Ever since he stole the scene from both Shrek and Donkey in "Shrek 2", all I ever compare cute things to nowadays is Puss and his pa-cute eyes. Sighhh...

The plot: We all know the story of how Puss came to meet Shrek, but what do we know about his story before that? Nothing. That's what this movie is for.

The verdict: I had the chance to see this recently, but it was in 3-D. And if I'm going to watch anything remotely cartoon-y nowadays, I always feel like Syrena has to be there. So... You're going to have to wait, Puss. But I'll see you. Soon. And I'll be wearing my new pink boots from Asian Vogue Shop when I do.

November 9: Immortals

Who hasn't seen heard of "300"? To be honest, I only saw that movie last year and only because I was going through back issues of magazines and wondered why there was so much hype about it back in the day. Don't hit me, but: I didn't like it. However, although "Immortals" is from the producers of "300" and looks pretty much exactly like "300" judging by the trailer, there's one thing that will make me trek to the cinemas for this one: Henry Cavill. <3

The plot: We've seen a lot of Grecian movies and movies about legends come out within the last few years ("Clash of the Titans", "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief", "Thor" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", to name a few), but the story this time focuses on Theseus - a mere mortal whom Zeus chooses to lead the battle against Hyperion. Love it!

The verdict: Henry Cavill. Mickey Rourke. Stephen Droff. Freida Pinto. Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill. Yup. Must-see!

November 18: Breaking Dawn Part I

via 4-bp

You're probably wondering why I put this movie on this movie must-see list for November when all I do in my spare time, aside from blog and mommy it up, is diss the Twilight series. Well, there's really only one reason for this: as much as I hate the way they portray vampires and as much as I hate the cast, the movies are just too much fun to make fun of. Besides, who wants to stay out of the loop whenever the Twilight hype comes back on, right?

The plot: From what I've gathered, Bella and Edward get married in this one and then they have a baby! Because... you know... vampires totally have blood in their systems, so they can totally produce an erection. NOT. Get your facts straight, Stephenie Meyer! (Lol. See what I mean?)

The verdict: Everyone will be talking about this movie. Every. Effing. One. I'm not saying you have to enjoy it, but you probably should at least watch it. I probably will. I might even see the premiere. Ha!

November 23: Happy Feet Two

The trailer for this was SO. CUTE. That's all I have to say.

The plot: Remember Mumble? Stupid question. Of course you remember Mumble. Well, he's got a son now. Called Erik. And no, he doesn't fall for a mermaid. Instead, he follows in his dad's footsteps and has trouble pinpointing what his role should be in the penguin world. And, as with the previous movie, the whole thing takes a weird turn coz of something that threatens their home. That's usually when I lose interest in the "Happy Feet" movies.

The verdict: As with its predecessor, I think it's going to have really cute bits that I'll want to watch over and over again on YouTube. But, also as its predecessor, I think they're going to be adding some environmental issues that will ruin the cutesy feel of the film. Still debating whether the cute penguins are worth the 3-D visuals and the money right now. :p

So, does anyone wanna take me and Syrena on a movie date? :) I'm more excited about the cartoon-y movies this month, for some reason. Haha. What about you? :)