Monday, November 28, 2011

Punchdrunk Panda Camera Straps: Too Awesome for Words

I don't even remember where I lost my camera strap. All I know is that I woke up hungover one afternoon in 2009 and KissKiss (my DSLR) was filled with sand. And the LCD screen was scratched up.

I like to believe that moments like that are one of a kind; but to stay on the safe side, I also tend to keep lil keepsakes to remind myself not to do certain things (like drink my weight in alcohol) again.

Thus, I have never replaced my scratched up LCD screen, had my DSLR professionally cleaned or bought a new camera strap.

After seeing the latest offerings of Punchdrunk Panda, though, I think I might just change my mind.

The PdP camera straps are definitely back with a vengeance this time around - and with a brand new look to boot! Not only is the neck strap bigger this time around, but it also showcases more of a design because of it.

The newest collection has been out for about a month now and features five new playful designs, as follows:

Naturally, they still use the same neoprene cushioning and net foam material that ensures the utmost "breathing space", but they also feature genuine leather straps that allow the camera to be connected to the neck strap more securely, too.

And the best part? They are all just Php595 each. Efficient, affordable and eye-catching - what more could you ask for in a camera strap, really?

To get your own PdP camera strap now, just visit their website hre. Or, conversely, you can check out their merchandise "in the flesh" at the Port 88 Bazaar at Megatent from December 11 to December 12, 2011.

To learn more about Punchdrunk Panda, add them on Multiply, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or just visit their website here. :)


  1. so thinking of getting the ETNIK for christmas :)

  2. ohmygosh these camera straps are so freaking adorable! i want one now to spruce up my own camera! :)

  3. Those are adorable - what a fun way to jazz up your camera!


  4. Aves, you better buy na the Etnik it's selling so fast like hotcakes :)

    Angel, thanks for this post. <3 you girl!

  5. *sigh* Unfortunately, I'm so turned off by PdP products. I've bought two laptop sleeves from them so far and while they look cute in photos, they're horrible in actual. :( But I hope it's not the case for their camera straps!