Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nothing but H2O Private Sale and Cruise Trunk Show

On October 25, 2011, Keigh invited me to Nothing But H2O's Private Sale and Cruise Trunk Show in the middle of nowhere, Makati.

But before we went, I just want to share that I met Krissy of I Am Krissy that day and got to have a nice chat with her before what would be the longest and probably one of the most stressful car rides of my life. Let me just say: I will always cringe whenever I heard someone say "Gallardo" now (fortunately, that won't be a lot).

We made it there eventually, though. :)

Keigh is a real shopper - just like me. I like! Haha. She definitely took advantage of the sale, and who can blame her? Beach cover-ups and accessories at 30% off and TOMS shoes up to 40% off? Plus, they gave out free sunglasses for every purchase and I even convinced the ladies to give Keigh an extra pair. Haha. Persuasion skills FTW!

In my opinion, real shoppers really get down to business. They get on their knees, they rummage through boxes, they ask questions, they check every nook and cranny thoroughly... Here I am, in real shopper mode, looking for shoes for the babydaddy, because unlike most shoe stores in the Philippines, TOMS carries men's shoes up to size 14. Unfortunately, I forgot what his huge shoe size was and ended up going home empty-handed anyway.

I love their children's swimwear, but the smallest size is a 4. :( Grow up faster, Syrena! Lol.

Of course, I also spotted some things that I wanted for myself. *ahem* Christmas is coming up! ;)

And now, for the TOMS Holiday Collection, which should be out in stores as we speak (thank you, backlogs!):

I'm loving all of these. Definitely know where I'll be shopping for Henry and my older brother for Christmas now.

And for Syrena and Baby Thor.

And maybe even myself. :p

Haha. But seriously? I already have my pick. As you can see above. :) So cute! Can't wait to get them for her. I'm lucky that Syrena got my shoe-loving genes. :)

Of course, what would life be without our OOTD's? :)

The very pretty Keigh of Delishoes Servings in her pretty beachy outfit for our very beachy event. :)

And me, wearing accessories from Manels, a skirt from F-Stop and bootie heels from Parisian. :)

Will probably write a separate outfit post for this at some point coz I really love this skirt (thank you, Melai of The Style and Soul!), so watch out for that. :)

Anemone and TOMS can be found in Nothing But H2O stores in Glorietta 3, Alabang Town Center, Robinson's Galleria, Trinoma and Rockwell. However, you can also like TOMS on Facebook here. Enjoy browsing and shopping! :)


  1. this sounds like a truly great thing to go to! we miss these great bazaars cuz were like all the way here in Cebu. great bargains btw!


  2. Love the photo diary. The dresses are so beautiful.


  3. WOw...I heard about this but don't have time to check it. sa baba lang 2 eh...:) dito sa building na 2 ako nag work:)

    I'm glad that you had fun:)

  4. Hey, Partner-slash-Milk Tea date- slash- shopping buddy! (Ang dami na! Haha) Well-written! I can't wait to blog about this too! Thank you for the pictures! :)

  5. It was great to meet you, Angel! I enjoyed our short chat that day, and during the Accessorize event as well! Looking forward to more bonding moments :)

  6. Angel, love the toms shoes you featured! And it's true that shoppers get down and dirty when doing business. I hope to see you again soon dear! - Mar

  7. I agree with your post! nice photos!


  8. Super fun meeting you there too! :) Hope we bunch into each other again soon!. :)

  9. Oh my! Love those shoes and summer shizz! Makes me want to visit Nothing But H2O asap! ♥ Miss you Angel!


  10. Nakakatuwa si Keigh talagang ready for battle!:)) This looks fun!

  11. can i buy bulk toms shoes for uk my e mail is neservices99@yahoo.com