Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gabriel*Martel Launch: Tocca di Lusso

My first photo-heavy post. Please bare with me.

On November 3, 2011, Micah Castillo of Princess Micah invited me to the launch of Gabriel*Martel's launch of their latest collection Tocca di Lusso at Prive Luxury Club.

Naturally, it being a fashion show of sorts, I met up with my fashion show buddy Keigh before the event. We got there more than an hour early, though - excited ba? haha - so she treated me to dinner at this delicious Italian place at the Fort Strip.

Dinner date! Ava's missing from the Trio, though :(

I'm a bit of a coffee fiend, just FYI. I can literally have ten cups a day. I love the stuff.

 Italian food is my absolute fave!

Thank you so much, Keigh! It was delicious! :)

Unfortunately, we were asked to surrender our cameras before entering Prive, so we weren't actually able to take any pictures with our own cameras. :( Thankfully, Micah was able to bring hers in and Keigh's friend Luther Abcede also happened to be the event photographer of the night, so here are some of the shots of the night that I got to steal from them. Thank you so much, guys! :)

Fashion show buddies.

Megann Jabola of Style Surgery also got to join us for dinner for a bit.

My sole mate, Kei San Pablo of Kei's Lifestyle Closet, was there, too.

With the pretty Micah. Thank you again for inviting me! :)

Our blogger's table. :)

And here's what I wore:

Outfit post next time! (I say that all the time, I know. :p) To see photos of the actual collection, please read Micah's blog post on the event. :)


  1. Aww thank you for including me even if I was MIA!:( Tomorrow we shall see each other, promise!! Beautiful dress, BTW!

  2. You look gorgeous!! You look so happy in these pictures.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. you are very much welcome!!
    hope we could talk and bond more on the next events!
    p.s. food looks so yummy it's making me hungry. haha :)

  4. i love your dress, too! :o)


  5. You are all so beautiful! :) great outfits!!