Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boardwalk's Eat. Play. Blog. : The Boardwalk Style Council

In my previous Boardwalk post, I talked about being and becoming a Personal Shopper. Well, after our eat-and-drink break, four of us were chosen to be part of the flip side and were styled by Boardwalk's very own Style Council instead.

Aside from Avel Bacudio, the Boardwalk Style Council is comprised of stylists Bea Albert, Aimee Velasco and my personal stylist of the night, Nasia Cammayo of Nasche is Nasia.

The minute I met Nasia, I knew we would get along. She knew my size before even asking me for it and when I explained that my style was more laid-back than dressy, she picked out a ton of outfits that fit my style perfectly. Unfortunately, I could only wear one outfit to show off, but I'm really happy with what Nasia and I came up with in the end:

I actually really, really love the grey top I have on underneath. I just wasn't confident enough to stand in front of so many strangers in it coz it's kinda sexy-like. Haha. But it can be styled in 12 different ways! So awesome!

Another reason why I loved Nasia? She called me cute and said I had great legs. Naks! :p

Overall, the Boardwalk Style Council hopes to educate Filipinos and help them improve their fashion and sense of style by addressing their worries on what they should and should not wear.

The best part about this styling part? I got to keep all of the clothes that Nasia styled me in. Woot woot! Everybody at the event also got to take home clothes of their choice and here are some of the things that I chose to add to my new Boardwalk clothing collection:

These were the only other shoes that they had in my size.

A top that can also be worn as a dress.

And a red coverup.

If you want to view the rest of Boardwalk's catalogue, visit their website here.

After the clothing selection stage of the event, there were also several drinking games. And, of course, Anton didn't let the opportunity to get really tipsy for free pass him by. :p Really love that guy!

As for me, I didn't let the opportunity pass me by to take a photo with the hottest guy in the room, either. :p And that just happened to be our mannequin, Gerard Sison:

He was making fun of how short I am, though. :(

And here's what I wore to the event (proper outfit post next time!):

Aren't my red button flats from Soleil Flats just LOVE? :)

Don't forget to add Boardwalk on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, by the way! :)

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