Thursday, November 3, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Premiere

Despite being tired and a lil bummed out from the photos that I took for SM Ladies' Fashion during Philippine Fashion Week, Keigh Jalbuena of Delishoes Servings and I braved the long line for the first group show of PFW to get a glimpse of what Derick Hibaler, Melchor Guinto, Russell Villafuerte, Ulysses King, and Veejay Floresca had to offer for Spring/Summer 2012.

Although the frustrations with my camera didn't end despite me bringing the proper lens this time around, I really enjoyed the show. Especially after Keigh lent me her camera and I got to use my lens on it.

(Please take note that I didn't get used to using her camera until towards the end of the show, though, which is why the Veejay Floresca line has the most pictures in this post. I hope you appreciate the effort, though. :p)

Here we go...

Derick Hibaler started the show with true Filipino pride. With an OPM soundtrack ("Anak", anyone?) and a nationalistic emblem on his jacket, he definitely made me proud to be a Filipina.

Gorgeous cuts for the women.

Laidback styles for the men.

Do I at least get props for actually getting a decent picture of the designer this time? Derick Hibaler, everyone! :)

Russell Villafuerte's soundtrack, on the other hand, was more upbeat and fittingly so. Called "Urban Rebellion", his collection had a very edgy and tough feel to it.

This sheer skirt is to die for!

And who in their right mind doesn't love leather, right?

By the time it was Melchor Guinto's turn, I was getting really annoyed with my shots, so I was only able to take these two:

Relaxed suits for the guys and casual clothes for the ladies.

(I suck. I know.)

Ulysses King opted for an underwater theme, which really intrigued me at first - especially after watching the Michael Cinco show. But, instead of elaborate waterworks, Ulysses King opted to keep things simple and have the models carry around scuba and beach gear instead. A bit of trivia: Tatie Aquino of helped out with the styling for this! :)

Guys in black briefs carrying bagged wakeboards? Yes, please. Guys in apple green swim trunks? YES, PLEASE.

Guys with cute dimples? BIGGER YES, PLEASE.

I'm sorry, but Ivan Dorschner and his dimples are just too cute for words. :p

Next up was the big finale by Veejay Floresca - and I absolutely loved what he had to offer. I'm actually still trying to figure out whether I can pull any of these things off...

The main themes were leather...


...and more leather.

Interesting cut-out pieces also played a big part in the collection.

(I can't decide whether I like the pants or the skirts more, though.)

And just interesting cuts, in general.

And then, just when you thought the cuts would never end, Veejay Floresca wowed us with some of this:

Completely stunning and unique pieces altogether.


Overall, a very daring yet incredibly stunning show from five awesome designers.

Thank you, Veejay Floresca, for the ticket and thank you, Keigh, for going with me, lending me your camera, posting these pictures up on Facebook and letting me know who the cutie with the dimples was. :p Fashion show buddies for life! Haha.

Hope the pictures were okay, guys. Have a great weekend! :)

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