Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love Diva Blogger's Camp: Be DIVAlicious

On November 7, 2011, Love Diva hosted a Blogger's Camp during their store launch in Alabang Town Center. I was extraordinarily happy to be invited to this event because 1) I'm a South girl and 2) I have the cutest little diva at home and I couldn't wait to introduce her to my blogger friends: Syrena Lorelei. (Sorry if this post is mostly about her.)

Love Diva is very easy to find. It's at the Upper Ground Floor of ATC's Expansion Building, right in front of...

...its sister store, Accessorize!
Don't forget to take full advantage of their All about Bags sale this month! :)

Syrena and I were literally the first ones at the venue and I was very happy about that because it gave her time to get used to her surroundings before it got filled up with big sisters and little sisters alike.

(left) How cute are those owl gift bags and sunglasses?!? I'm a huge owl fan, sorry.
(right) As with the Accessorize event, Love Diva had the most adorable cookies by Aggy's available for us to eat that fit their brand personality perfectly: cute, sweet and pink. They didn't turn our lips pink this time, though. :)

Slowly but surely, the venue started to fill up and bloggers and readers spent their time getting to know each other before the event.

Syrena instantly warmed up to the pretty Alyssa Lapid of My Beautiful World, whom I met for the first time that day. :) Love her style!

The talks soon started with Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms giving styling tips, blogging tips and fashion photo-taking tips.

Syrena paid very close attention and even took some notes. :p

After that, Melai Entuna of The Style and Soul taught us about the possibilities of making money while blogging. She even told us the history behind her blog name! Do you know it yet?

Melai always wears such edgy accessories. I love it!

Then, Tin Iglesias and Tracy Ayson of Fashion Fangirl gave us some styling tips - and even taught us how to deal with haters.

Speaking of fashion fangirls... S already picked out her favorite fashion blogger as you can see. No loyalty. Sigh.

Then on it was to the main event where the little sisters had to use the accessories in the Love Diva shop to style their big sisters. Unfortunately, this is around the time that S started to get inip, so I wasn't able to take a lot of pics anymore. :(

Here are Sarah Tirona of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles (left) and Ana Gonzalez of The Fashionista Commuter (right) getting styled.

Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava waiting for her little sisters to decide how to style her.

(left) Melai getting styled to the extreme and (right) Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums getting pictures taken with her little sister.

Ava and her little sisters.

Melai and her little sisters.

Tracy and her not-so-"little" sisters. :p

Pax and Ana styled.

And the winners! I'm so proud. That's little sister B (aka Bea Perez of Lalalaloves) next to Ana, one of my previous giveaway winners. Follow her blog! I absolutely LOVE her! :)

Now back to the store... Love Diva has been around since 2001 and promises to provide its customers with fashionable yet affordable jewelry and accessories.

Plus, as a Pink Heart Promise ambassador, they are holding a free ear piercing event this month in partnership with Healthway, a top health service provider here in the Philippines. How great is that? Thinking about getting Syrena's ears pierced there now. To pierce or not to pierce - that is the question!

After the event, we all headed to Cyma for a delicious buffet dinner and, of course, we also took our outfit shots outside of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it was a lil difficult for me to take an outfit shot with the lil munchkin wanting my constant attention.

And her just being incredibly cute all the time.

So, I waited for her to run into Ava's arms.

And voila! Outfit shot! :) (Thank you for taking my photo, as usual, Keigh.)

One of my old high school friends, Jake Dimacali, was nice enough to come see me at ATC and here he is being all babysitter-like and carrying my diaper bag while talking to Keigh Jalbuena of Delishoes Servings. :p

Are you wondering what's inside my diaper bag? Then check out April's feature on me and my diaper bag here. Enjoy! :)


  1. Yey! Thank you for the mention ate A <3 Baby S is a total sweetheart, it was really nice meeting the both of you. Til' next :)

    xx B

  2. Hii! Such a cute post. Just wondering.. how exactly do you pronounce your daughter's name? Is it "sai-ree-na"? :)

  3. Aww, Angel! Your baby is so cute! :) :)

  4. thanks for the comment, dear! :)
    nice blog, btw.

    following you.


  5. I feel like such a mother with that picture of me waiting on syrena haha!:))


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