Friday, November 4, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Triumph

Although I still had a slew of tickets lined up for PFW shows, Triumph was the last show that I watched for Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.

Why? Well, for one, my fashion show buddy left me!!! (Haha. Love you, Keigh!) For two, I had a photoshoot and two other events to attend. And because, truth be told, I was tired and just wanted to lie in bed and cuddle with baby S. Is that a crime? :p

This year, Triumph celebrates its 125th anniversary yet still continues to set trends for every generation with its innovative collections that simply scream of both elegance and luxury. All of Triumph's items promise great style and a perfect fit for the female silhouette. Here is what they have in store for us this Spring and Summer 2012:

Classic yet sensual shapewear.

Basic nude colors for any occasion.

Style and comfort personified.

The set on the right is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.

I like how Triumph uses lace in a flirty manner as opposed to in a full-on sexy manner.

And now for my favorite bit - the blacks, the reds, the fur and the cover-ups:


Even backstage, the models were flawless.

Yes, with this show, Triumph revealed what has kept them on top for 125 years. Besides, in the Philippines, Triumph still commits to the best standards of creativity and service, creating designs that suit their Filipina customers' needs.

I even got a lingerie set of my own for watching the show and I love it! Want to see me wearing it? :) Then click here.

Hahaha. Do you like? I can't believe you actually clicked on the link to begin with. Tsk tsk. A big thanks to Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava for inviting me and to Miss Claudine De Leon of Leung de Leon Marketing for having me. :)

For more about Triumph, feel free to visit their website or like them on Facebook. :)


  1. ohmygawd! i clicked it dear! haha im so uto-uto!

    anyways nice show you attended! too bad did not score tickets for me and my bf -- the boyfriend will definitely drool! haha. btw, the boyfriend takes my picture since we bought a camera :)


  2. Wew! You're still lucky because you are able to attend PFW! :)

  3. Love the Triumph collections here, and your incredibly funny Angel, hahaha, I almost clicked on that link as well, you almost got me! Thanks for joining me at LazerXtreme, I had a blast with you - as always! See you again soo dearest. XO - Mar

  4. beautifull pictures! i loooove Triumph!
    Nice blog!
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  5. hahha nice gullible me. Haha I clicked it!

  6. I'm so sorry for leaving you! :(

    P.S. I just had to click that link leading to you wearing the lingerie. IKAW NA! hahaha :))

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog! ;) Hehe, nice lingerie you got there huh! :-p

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