Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lookbook.nu Look: The Butterfly Effect

This is what I wore to the Boardwalk event on 11-11-11, the same day I had one of my best first dates ever. So, even if it's a very laid-back and simple look, I simply have to blog about it: just so the memory of what I wore during that day is forever embedded on the World Wide Web. Or at least until I jump out of this infatuation phase and decide I want to demote that date to infamy. :p

blue flared jeans from Forever 21
red button flats from Soleil Flats

leopard sheer top from J'Adore La Mode Shop
bronze butterfly necklace from Chick Flick Collection
bronze studded feather ring from Anagon Collection

black leather butterfly clutch from Asian Vogue Shop

...I love to shop online. Can you tell? :p

On Syrena: sexy red top from Zara Kids
blue jeans from SM department store
red sneakers from Keep

I love that Syrena randomly decides to pose with me whenever I take my OoTD at home now. Isn't she adorable? :) This post is all about her... and my awesome butterfly clutch, of course. I'm in LOVE with it!!! What do you think of it? :)


  1. I want your leopard top and your clutch!!! And can I just say... super cute ni Syrena!! She's adorable, indeed. ♥



  2. it is fate for you and Dawson then! ;) good thing you picked him up before anyone else! i can see it happening now haha!
    i love your butterfly clutch!!!! TOO amazing, and so original!!
    and Syrena is a fashion blogger in the making ;) :D <3
    XOXO Kasia

  3. those red sneakers are as cute as your li'l munchkin!

    love the necklace on you, beautiful!

  4. Pretty clutch! Added flair to your outfit :>