Saturday, May 5, 2012

BRGR Project: Customize Your Own Burger

[ I know, I know. I'm incredibly behind when it comes to my blog posts... I'm actually trying to breeze through them now, so I can catch up to my regular life, though. I hope you're not judging me. :( ]

Sometime last month, Pax invited us to visit the newly renovated BRGR Project in Maginhawa Street. [ Thank you, Pax! :) ]

Originally, I was supposed to watch Titanic in 3D with Ana and Krissy before the pig-out sesh, but we couldn't get the movie times to work out. We still got to watch it, though - just a few days later.

Anyway, onto BRGR Project day. Although looking through other bloggers' posts about the event, it looks like it was just any ordinary, crazy day for us; it was actually incredibly unforgettable for me for two reasons:

1. #BOOM and #NumberOne were born.
2. My "secret" was practically advertised to the world that day.

But I'd rather not get into that. Instead, here are the cool exteriors and interiors of BRGR Project:

The ceiling outside.

The window from the outside, which teaches customers how the BRGR Project works. Easy peasy! It's basically exactly like Bangkok's Sunrise Tacos, but with burgers.

And here are the interiors:

And, also, so you know how we roll, and so you know that it isn't all fun and games, check out how dedicated my fellow bloggers were at taking their pictures of the place:

(left) Sarah Tirona of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles, trying to get a decent picture of the ceiling outside

Krissy Cruz of I am Krissy, making pa-cute. Tsk tsk. Not a real blogger. :p

More of Sarah's dedication. :p

And Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums, clearly the hardest-working one of all! :p

Haha. Just kidding. She was actually hamming it up for Sarah's camera!

While waiting to order, we did what we do best: smoke cigarettes talk and laugh about random things. Unfortunately, that day, one of those random things was my crush on a certain someone. Moral of the story: do not tell bloggers your secrets. :p 

Once we all settled down, we BRGR Project newbies had to fill up this form to customize our own burgers, while the BRGR Project oldies got ready-made burgers to eat.

The super stressful form. What to get, what to get...

Krissy hard at work coz she was already really hungry and thirsty before we got there. :p

The Side Orders

Onion Rings

French Fries

Some of the Ready Made Burgers

Tokyo Pop!

Italian Stallion!

Some of the Customized Burgers

Paul's PR Burger

My delicious Slutty Burger - coz it's easy and sinful... get it? Get it?

I decided to put every kind of cheese in my burger with a ton of mushrooms coz I love cheese and I looooove mushrooms (FYI, Mario is my favorite video game hero ever!) and I tried out the special BRGR sauce, as well. Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy.

Yeaaaaah... KissKiss (my camera) ran out of battery after that shot, so I (thankfully?) don't have pictures of the chaos that ensued after we devoured our burgers, but suffice to say: it was a fun night. #BOOM

Thank you again for inviting us, Pax, and to Reuben for accommodating us and filling up our bellies with delicious customized burgers! :) If I lived in the North, I might get my burger fix there everyday... and get even fatter than I am now, so maybe it's a good thing I don't. :p

Make sure to drop by BRGR Project, if you are ever in the area, though! :) You won't regret it! What would you put in your customized burger, if given the chance to make one? :)


  1. Their burgers are TO DIE FOR. They taste really good!

  2. where is this located? I wanna try their burgers...waaaa!

  3. not only does the food look great, but looks like it was a fun outing for all you bloggers! nice you guys have a tight-knit group there!



    I'm just cute all the time, it's effortless. Haha.

    Miss you Angel! Nakakapanibago we don't get to hang out as much na x_x Darn my 5am work.

  5. GRRR! This post made me absolutely hungry Angel! xP

  6. I'm really excited to try BRGR Project!! Soon, soon!! *_*


  7. customize burger?! what a great idea!!! and love their interiors, very attractive:)

  8. kewl ... i love to make my own burger..
    can i have few patties ... lol

  9. Soo nice! I want to make mine, too! :>

  10. what do you disagree? i couldn't understand :x