Saturday, May 19, 2012 Look: Marvel vs DC

Last month, I watched The Avengers with Kelly Medina of The Traveling BootsVergil Chua of Right on the Verge and the babydaddy at Greenbelt after enjoying half-off frappes.

As if reading comic books and watching comic book movies weren't geeky enough, I went the extra mile and wore an Avengers-inspired outfit. As mentioned in my Avengers movie review, though, I love DC... so I wore my Wonder Woman chucks, as well.

Excuse the vanity and many photos of, well, me in this post. Huge thank you to Kelly for these photos and for forcing me to impulse-buy this top when we met up for the Style Icons x I Love Koi launch. As you will be able to tell: I love them.

And yes, I brought a toy with me. Don't judge.

white Captain America logo top from the Eastwood weekend bazaar
blue jean shorts from Mango

brown owl bag from Chick Flick Collection

Mjulnir (Thor's hammer) from Toys 'R' Us

Wonder Woman sneakers from Converse, courtesy of Paul the PR Guy

Aaaaand if you know me at all, you will know that the photos above are nothing like me. So, here are some photos that capture the essence of what I'm like in real life pretty perfectly:

Thanks for reading! Are you a comic book fan? Which ones do you prefer? Marvel or DC? *dun dun dun dunnnnnn*

Please hype my look, by the way! :)


  1. COOL!!! Hahaha i love this. So YOU. ;)

  2. Oh no. Humahaba na yung clipped area ng hair mo. If you're planning on keeping that lovely hairstyle, bili ka hairclipper. 1k lang yung wireless na for beards.

  3. You are adorbs. And I really love your shoes. :)

  4. Love it! Hahaha! May hammer pa talagang kasama.. Super nice! =D

  5. lol .. i like ur hammer..must be very heavy carry all over the place .. muahahaha
    u look cute with ur toungue out .....

  6. Taray! HAHAHAHAH
    Lakas maka thor ah =))

  7. i also have mjulnir! from jollibee happy meal lolz!

  8. that is just cool girl! I want the tank top and the hammer! hahaha!


  9. I love the outfit! May hammer effect pa FTW!


  10. i so love your shooooes! pati yung tank top :)) you look so adorable :DD


  11. This is so cool! Lakas maka-Thor! haha!

  12. you just look so adorable angel :)

  13. You truly rock any outfit <3


  14. Ang cool ng chucks mo! and yeah, i prefer your quirky poses than the serious ones.. ang cuuute :) have a great week ahead, angel :)

  15. omg, you're shoes is so cute... perfect on you! :0

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  16. *shriek*
    been looking for Cap.America tops!!! love this look, it's too cute and those shoes!! many hearts <3333

    ~ <3 ~
    drop by my blog <3