Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sneak Peek at My Mandaue Foam Picks - Plus: Giveaway Winners Announced!

Remember my When in Manila feature on Mandaue Foam's showroom in Las Pinas? Well, I went back there last week with the babydaddy to shop, shop, shop and shop some more. I also cried... True story.

Anyway, here is a sneak peek at the stuff that I bought at Mandaue Foam - can you guess what they are?

Since I am a mommy, I got some things for the lil munchkin poopoohead:

And, since I live in a 2-bedroom condo with the babydaddy, even though we aren't in a relationship (it's complicated... let's not get into that here), I got him a lil something-something, too:

And, of course, since I'm the queen of the house - haha - I got some awesome things for myself, too:

That last photo is a sneak peek of the piece of Mandaue Foam furniture that I cried about. Yes, I cried at the Mandaue Foam showroom because of this. Intriguing, huh?

If you follow me religiously on Twitter or if you know me in person, then you probably already know the story. If not, then you just gotta wait til my next Mandaue Foam post! :)

For now, here are the lucky winners of the AWESOME Mandaue Foam giveaway:

Congratulations, Salmon Cat, for winning the armchair and footrest!

And congratulations to Jessamer Abing, Rachel Rebollido Canales, Salmon Cat, Filamay Asturias Beboso and Melandria Romero for winning one fantasy pillow each! :)

Looks like it's Salmon Cat's lucky day coz she's going home with three prizes from Mandaue Foam today! Wow!

To claim your prizes, please email Jonver David at jonverdavid@gmail.com with your full name, contact number, and preferred branch to claim.

Didn't win this time around? Don't worry. I still have a Bench Gutz & Glory giveaway currently ongoing and I'll be posting an EMO Jewelry giveaway within the next few days. Watch out for that! :)


  1. gotta love getting treats for the house! congrats to the winners.


  2. ok I will look for the next contest .. ;)

  3. Thank you! I've calmed down. :) Will be forwarding my deets to Jonver David.

    The kitty pillow's adorable.