Friday, May 25, 2012

Joe Jonas Teams Up with Bench: The Press Launch

I will be the first to admit that I am not a humongous Joe Jonas / Jonas Brothers fan, but whenever I hear "Lovebug" when it comes up on my iTunes, I simply cannot not grin and repeat it at least five times until I move on to another song. However, this is what I think of whenever I think about any of the Jonas Brothers:

So, imagine my surprise when I got to Makati Shang on Wednesday for the press launch for Bench and saw this:

Someone's all grown up. *rubs palms together with matching maniacal laugh*

I got there pretty early, as usual, and then spent some time with Miko Carreon - whom I then kidnapped onto table 19 - before all of the other bloggers arrived.

(left) Miko and Paul the PR Guy
(right) Kelly Medina and Jackie Go

After a delicious lunch, Raymond Gutierrez took the stage and raffled off Bench gift certificates for the Joe Jonas fans who attended the event.

After that, it was Joe Jonas time!!!

The girls went wild when he came out!

Although still a teen heartthrob, that is definitely not the image he is portraying anymore.

With his debut album "Fastlife", Joe (yes, we're on a first-name basis now) uses a fusion of pop, hip-hop, dance, techno and house.

My brother tells me "See No More", which Joe sang at the press con, is incredibly popular in the cool kid circles. (I listen to oldies and indie music - sorry.)

I may not be a huge fan of his music, but I gotta say I'm a huge fan of his looks. :p

And his voice. Always a sucker for singers - that's me!

"Fastlife" is inspired by Joe's interest in club culture, learning to take risks, and pursuing new things.

"I wanted to make this album something a club DJ would listen to," he says.

There was then a short Question and Answer portion, where people from the press asked Joe questions on his choice to pursue Bench and to come to the Philippines.

Overall, Joe Jonas definitely captures the Ageless Bench spirit due to his global talent and energy. He also epitomizes both style and talent. In fact, he has already caught the eyes of many influential designers from all over the world.

Of course, his sexy scruff and more mature cut doesn't hurt, either. ;) Here's me with the hot, hot, hot Joe:

Color coordinated pa! ;)

I hope you grabbed your chance to catch Joe at TriNoma and Glorietta 5 this past week. You didn't? Then head on over to the South tonight coz he'll be at the Alabang Town Center at 7pm! Don't miss him! He's worth it, I swear! Special thanks to Bench and Ayala Malls for bringing Joe here!

I can't wait for his campaign release for Bench! Can you? For more updates, like Bench on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)


  1. <3 you and Joe (yes, first name basis rin lol) look great together! :D -Loving Sunshine

  2. Out of all his brothers, I think Nick is the really talented one.

    But Joe's got good looks.

    I tagged you to answer 11 questions!

  3. yay that you got to meet joe!

  4. looks like you had a great time. So cool you got to meet Joe.

  5. wow! you got to meet joe! soooo lucky! ikaw na talaga ang wonderwoman! he looks so hot! haha!

  6. The very fact that you got that close to joe jonas made you the coolest person :) Plus you've got such great taste in fashion! I hope you can take time to visit my blog and perhaps we could follow each other back? Thanks