Friday, May 11, 2012 Look: Ecstatic is an Understatement

Do I mention my Wonder Woman chucks too much in my blog posts? Well, you can't blame me. They're my first proper Wonder Woman shoes, after all. And they're fricking AWESOME.

Anyway, I wore them for the very first time to the Style Icons x I Love Koi launch and I had such a hard time styling it that I ended up just going for the basics: a T-shirt, jeggings and the chucks.

See, before I got these awesome additions to my shoe wheel, I didn't have anything but dainty flats and sky high heels in there. In fact, I hadn't owned chucks since my skater girl days. And, although I can now pull off wearing baby doll dresses with them, this is what I came up with on the first day that I wore them. Safe and totally skater girl-y.

white sheer The Beatles "Help" t-shirt from People are People
blue jeggings from Boardwalk

(Please ignore the crazy hair. The wind was insane. Wind + undercut = CHAOS.)

beige studded bag from Tomato

And, of course, my Wonder Woman sneakers from Converse, courtesy of Paul The PR Guy - visit his blog and show him some love, please! Haha. Plug! :)

Awesomeness on my feet!

Thank you for the photos, Kelly Medina - visit his blog and show him some love, too! Haha.

What do you think? :)


  1. very comfy but cute outfit! I like your Converse! =D

  2. nice and trendy ... very fresh and young look..

  3. nice shoes! try pairing it with maxi skirts next time, it's cool too! :-)


  4. Oh, hello gorgeous! :) I love your shoes! <3

  5. hello super cute wonder woman sneakers! ;)

  6. Cute outfit! :D Followed! :D