Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Style Icons x I Love Koi Launch

Complex Lifestyle Store recently had the Style Icons x I Love Koi launch in their Eastwood branch and Kelly Medina of The Traveling Boots and I decided to go there before bonding over dinner. :)

Complex Lifestyle Store is pretty easy to find. When you get to Eastwood Mall, just go in through the entrance by The Flying Pig, go up the first elevator and it's on your left. :)

I instantly fell in love with Tricia Gosingtian's design on the poster (far left).

Yummy, yummy treats awaited us inside, including...

Happy Lemon - my favorite milk tea place in Manila! (I'm a sucker for their rock salt and cheese drinks.)

And deliciously sinful cupcakes.

We then roamed around the store before the program started since we were early birds like that.

Cute Keds sneaks! The ones on the bottom right will forever be my favorite designs, though, coz they're simple and versatile - which is why I chose to take those pink-ish ones home when they announced that I won any pair of my choice. :)

This is cool, too. But I'm not a very beachy person.

More Keds!

A bloggers' vanity break by the mirror. :p Spot my Wonder Woman chucks! :D

Cute Polo Ralph Lauren shoes for kids! I can't wait for Syrena's feet to get bigger, so she can fit into these.

And, of course, Havaianas! They'll be giving me a pair of the Wonder Woman limited edition ones for attending the event. :) So generous!!!

And the stars of the day, of course: the Style Icons x I Love Koi Swimwear!

The program started with an introduction of Keds.

Followed by the coolest presentation I have ever seen to date. Here are some snippets of it:

Keds from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Famous people wearing Keds! :)

And then we were introduced to the beautiful and talented women behind the Style Icon Line!

With Tricia and with Karen Ong of Complex.

Of course I just had to take a picture with Tricia. She's the first blogger I avidly followed on Lookbook and without any bias whatsoever, I absolutely LOVE her Style Icons designs. If I had the money, I'd buy every design in every color. Seriously. And on that note, here are her two designs (photos taken from I Love Koi):

The Lolita Design

The Slumberdoll Design

I got the slumberdoll design in Wonder Woman colors (of course), as worn by Maja Salvador here:

Isn't it preeeeetty? :) Thank you, Tricia, for coming up with something so cute, dainty, versatile and practical. I love it and will definitely go back for your other designs. :)

To see the rest of the Style Icon Line, like I Love Koi on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates. :)


  1. they are selling a lot of nice stuff.
    the cupcakes looks really sinful.. kekekeke

  2. Tricia is actually the very first pinoy blogger I ever followed! I love her designs the most as well. I will get the slumberdoll design soon! although I'm not sure I will be able to wear it since I hardly go the beach. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. Your wonder woman shoes are awesome!
    This event looked like so much fun... everyone looks so pretty!

    1. oh my god i absolutely love and adore this retro swimsuits!!!!

  4. Amazing pictures! Everyone look so stylish! I saw the designs on Tricia's instagram, and I wish I could get them! X

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