Thursday, May 3, 2012

Johnny Rockets Alabang: The Best Place to Take a Date

Fun fact: my very first comic book was a purple Betty and Veronica Double Digest. My dad surprised me with it in October 1991. I was 4 years old.

After that, it became a tradition for him to give me an Archie comic book every two weeks. I always looked forward to it. And this tradition continued until we left Germany in the year 2000.

It's the little things like that that really stick with me. And, even though the tradition abruptly (and coincidentally?) stopped the year I started high school (hmm... fishy), I had collected a ton of Archie comic books through those years. I literally grew up with them.

If you read Archie comic books yourself, then you should understand what I mean when I say that Johnny Rockets is my Pop Tate's Choklit Shoppe come true. As such, I was more than delighted when they opened up a branch so close to home - in The Street at Alabang Town Center.

I visited Johnny Rockets Alabang last month with my favorite food review date and fellow partner in crime in the South, Jacob Gayanelo.

Hot stuff, eh? ;)

We got there bright and early - read: 11am, when the mall opened - to beat the crowd and to enjoy the quietness of the diner in the morning, but let's let the pictures do most of the talking, shall we?

I absolutely love the vibe of diners!

One day, I will have a kitchen with a theme like this.

They call soft drinks SODA POP. Made. My. Day.

One day, I will have one of these in my living room.
This one actually works, by the way!

After ordering our food, a waitress brought over a KETCHUP SMILEY. Which made my day, too. :)

I ended up ordering a burger - with unlimited fries!

And Jacob got a hot dog - with unlimited fries!

Jacob's random attempt at artistic photography. :p

Although the unlimited fries sound incredibly tempting, I have to admit that the food was so good and so filling that we didn't actually finish our first serving of fries. :( Such a waste! But that may have something to do with the fact that we had milkshakes, too. After all: what's a visit to a diner without milkshakes, right? ;)

P.S. The pink girly one is Jacob's. :p

How you can tell this wasn't a date? If it were a date, there would only be one milkshake... with two straws. Awwwww!

And, of course, what would a trip to Johnny Rockets be without a performance by the Johnny Rockets dancers?

I love how the Johnny Rockets dancers always have so much energy and always give it their all every time they dance. Amazeballs. If I wasn't so full, I might've joined them myself. Seriously.

Aaaaand proof of our failure at finishing our food...

More artistic photography from Jacob. :p

We finished the milkshakes, though! :p

So, there you go. For me, Johnny Rockets will always be the perfect date-place in Manila. Awesome interiors. A working jukebox. Dancing. Milkshakes. It's all an Archie girl like me could ever ask for. So, you know... if you ever wanna ask me on a date or something... please take me to Johnny Rockets. If only for a milkshake. One milkshake. With two straws. Awwwww!

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  1. Super like just because Im an Archie kid, or Jughead, who cant live without his hat (or crown hat) hehe :) Cutiiieee! :D Ok nadin ako kay Lady and the Tramp para one plate and spaghetti naman lol ;D

  2. I didn't like the shake too much. Tastes like melted ice cream. But I don't have a sweet tooth so... there.

    But I did like the ambiance and the burger :D

  3. wow i wanna dine there. i also want a red,white and black kitchen interior!

  4. Say hi to Jacob for me? haha we don't have Johnny Rockets here, but this post makes me want to visit it so badly :) thanks for sharing!!!

  5. "How you can tell this wasn't a date? If it were a date, there would only be one milkshake... with two straws. Awwwww!" Heeheehee ♥ (kinilig daw? :D)

  6. I love Johnny Rockets, pero ang mahal kasi! Haha T__T

  7. omg this diner looks amazing

    that milkshake is making me drool

  8. I love to go here because of the milkshakes, hehe!

  9. Recalled my high school memories tuloy! I remember how my friends and I would eat a lot sa Johnny Rockets at Tomas Morato area, and we're the same, di rin namin nasu-sulit the unlimited fries. :)) AHHH. I miss Johnny Rockets! :| Let's gooo?? ♥♥